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Get the inside scoop on how to run and optimise your campaigns from Bing Ads experts. Learn cutting-edge search advertising strategies and the most effective ways to use Bing Ads features to grow your business. Register now for an upcoming webcast, view the recording of a previous webinar or find out more about the Art of Advertiser Science series.

Tangible, Audible, Visual: The Future Trends Impacting Search
Tangible, Audible, Visual: The Future Trends Impacting Search
Learn key trends that will impact search marketing and how savvy marketers can prepare. During this Bing Ads webcast, we cover three key areas where search marketing will be impacted by emerging trends: tangible, visual, audible search. Start thinking about the future and see what your company should be doing on the front end of this landscape. Cost: Free

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The Art and Science of Search + TV
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Discover how to use paid search to harness the buzz TV commercials create.

Driving Business with Bing Ads: Your Roadmap to Success
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This on-demand webcast series is comprised of all the topics you need to drive business with Bing Ads. If you're new to Bing Ads, simply check out the first webcast, "Quick Start Guide", to get your campaign up and running. If you need further information to uplevel your campaigns, refer to the other 19 webcasts by topic.

The Art and Science of Quality Score
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Discover how competitive your ads are in the marketplace by measuring how relevant your keywords, ads, and landing pages are to customers' search queries using Bing Ads Quality Score.

The Science of Audience and Attribution Modeling
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Learn how to rethink the issues with attribution and reimagine your remarketing audiences in order to create more holistic marketing campaigns.

The Art and Science of Bing Ads Reporting
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Get up to speed on the latest campaign reporting features and the best way to pull the reports that mean the most to you and your clients.

Press Play on a Small Business Marketing Strategy that Rocks: Three-Part Webcast Series
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Learn how to get the most out of paid search advertising for small businesses in this three-part live webcast series. Discover strategies that will make your budget work harder and help you reach more customers — without missing a beat.

Bing Travel Summit Webcast Register for on-demand video >
Discover the Travel Summit's latest need-to-know travel industry trends and opportunities for advancement.

Lead Discovery through New Trending Queries and Broad Match Register for on-demand video >
Harness new queries that have never been seen before and how to access this untapped audience supply.

How to Launch a Bing Shopping Campaign for the Holidays Register for on-demand video >
Get additional details on the simple process of starting a Bing Shopping Campaign.

Bing Ads Holiday Insights for your Campaign Planning Register for on-demand video >
Discover Holiday Insights for effective campaign planning this holiday retail season.

The Science of Data Feed Optimization for Shopping Campaigns Register for on-demand video >
Learn how to set up, manage and optimize data feeds for shopping campaigns.

The Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing Register for on-demand video >
Learn a creative and analytical framework for optimal performance of your ad copy.

The Science of Remarketing Register for on-demand video >
Learn the next level of optimization techniques for Remarketing with Bing Ads.

The Science of Excel for PPC Marketers Register for on-demand video >
Get tips, tricks and plug-ins to harness the full power of Excel to succeed with your search engine marketing strategy.

The Kevin Bacon Approach to Keyword Attribution Register for on-demand video >
See how connected other keywords are to your conversion keywords.

The Science of Brand Bidding Register for on-demand video >
A data-driven discussion that puts to rest the office debate: to bid or not to bid on your company’s brand terms.

Upgraded URLs workshop, part 1 video on-demand >
Improve the way you manage ad tracking.

Upgraded URLs workshop, part 2 Register for on-demand video >
Learn about upcoming features for faster and more efficient URL management.

Bing Ads Shopping webinar: step-by-step guide video on-demand >
A step-by-step guide to setting up Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Strike Gold with Bing Ads Remarketing video on-demand >
An in-depth look at how to take advantage of Bing Ads remarketing.

Holiday zen and the art of planning video on-demand >
Tips and tricks especially for the holiday 2015 season.