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Unlock cross-border opportunities with search marketing

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Learn how to connect with new customers using cross-border search marketing

Consumers commonly use the Internet to research prices, product quality, service, availability and delivery options. And they are more concerned about the products they’re searching for than geographic borders. For businesses looking to unlock cross-border opportunities and connect with new customers, search marketing is more than a powerful tool — it’s become a necessity.

View our APAC Cross-Border one sheet to the right or download it below, to learn more about:

  • Bing Ads network worldwide, numbers of unique searchers and searches in each country
  • Bing Ads searchers spend 156 percent more online than the average Internet searcher
  • The top five cross-border purchase categories
  • Start your cross-border campaigns in three easy steps
  • Tips for success with cross-border campaigns

Start your cross-border campaigns now and be where your customers are. View our Cross-Border E-Commerce in APAC one sheet to the right or download it.