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Your sales depend on customers walking in your door. But does everyone know where your business is and how to get there? If you want to attract more in-store traffic, make it easy for shoppers to find you on their mobile devices. Now that two-thirds of Americans have smartphones, mobile usage is rising fast — reaching these on-the-go consumers boosts your chance of drawing them to your local business.

Use our tactics so your store can quickly be located with available directions, plus learn how to target the most relevant searchers: those that need your products or services now. When more customers are in your store, you’re in the best position to increase sales.
Bring customers to your business.

Quick fixes to drive retail traffic

Show customers you are local: Draw customers to your store by including your address and a directions link in your ads with Location Extensions. It’s easy to do and makes an impact. To learn how, read How to add your business address using Location Extensions.

Focus on nearby customers: Direct your advertising only to people located near your business. You can target a specific radius around your business, a city, zip code, metro region or state.

  1. On the Campaigns page, click on the Campaign or Ad Group your want to add target to.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Go to Locations and click Edit.
  4. Search or browse for the cities, metro areas, states, or countries you want to target.
  5. Click Target next to the appropriate locations to add them as a location targeting.
  6. Click Save.

If you have more than one location, create one campaign per location so you can target each campaign specifically. This will also help you customize your ad copy to include deals suitable for that location.

Add keywords with your location: If you’re not already adding keywords that include your business type and neighborhood — for example, if you’re a coffee shop in Seattle and you’re only bidding on “coffee shop” — you may want to add:

  • “Coffee Shop in Seattle”
  • “Seattle Coffee Shop”
  • “Belltown Coffee Shop”
  • “Coffee Shop in Belltown”
  • “Coffee shop on 2nd”

Longer-term strategies to drive in-store traffic

Make it easy to find your store: Help customers find you with a map or store locator section on your website. If you have this on your site, include it as a Sitelink Extension in your ad so searchers can easily access it from the search result.

Give them a reason to walk in: Use incentives in your ad copy to increase retail traffic, such as “Free gift wrapping for in-store purchases.”

Start driving more in-store traffic

Sign in to put these short- and long-term strategies into action and begin drawing more customers to your business. Check out the resources below for help getting started. If you have questions or would like expert advice at no cost, set up an appointment with a Bing Ads consultant today.