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Bing Ads to be integrated into Smart Search in France and Germany!

We are extremely pleased to announce that advertisers participating in the Yahoo Bing Network in France and Germany will now be eligible to have their ads served in the innovative Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience. Beginning February 27th, the most relevant ads will be automatically displayed in Smart Search web results as part of the new Windows 8.1 search format, giving Yahoo Bing Network advertisers access to a new traffic source within the Microsoft family of products and services.

What is Smart Search?

Microsoft believes that search is more than just a list of links. With Windows 8.1, Bing powers a completely new search experience called Bing Smart Search. Smart Search is a faster way for users to find what they need no matter where it lives. To experience Smart Search, there’s no need to open a browser – simply swipe or start typing from the Windows 8.1 start screen.

As queries are entered, Bing Smart Search will start retrieving information from connected storage locations – in the cloud, on your device, in your app portfolio or even in the app store along with information from the web – and will deliver the result in a beautifully presented, and highly curated experience. Bing Smart Search’s goal is to help users to find what they’re looking for and complete their tasks as quickly as possible. Importantly, information stored on a personal device or in personal files is never shared with Bing for any reason.

How are Bing Ads integrated?

This new search experience represents a fundamental change in how consumers search and the scope of information they can find in one action. At the same time, it also presents an innovative new ad layout for advertisers. A single ad is delivered in each set of web results, and therefore gets exclusive placement within the results. 

The ad layout is significantly larger than a regular text ad, and considerably richer, as it is accompanied by a preview of the website. This highly visual approach drives engagement with the ad, and wastes fewer clicks, as users have access to rich information on the site and its offering prior to the click. The ad provides ample space for ad extensions, with Sitelink Extensions already integrated.

Are there any requirements to participate?

For advertisers in the Yahoo Bing Network, there are no additional steps required for ads to be eligible for inclusion in this visually appealing experience across Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets. All ads participating in Bing Ads will be eligible, however, to protect the user experience, only the most relevant, high quality ads will display. Therefore to increase the chances of an ad capitalising on this valuable new experience, we recommend reviewing your keyword relevancy, quality score and ensuring your landing page performance is optimal.

You can check out the Editorial Guidelines for Ad Guidelines and Relevancy and Quality or find more content about creating engaging ads and landing pages on our Bing Ads Advertising site. To read more about Smart Search, please check out Bing Smart Search webpage, or the Windows blog: Building Bing Smart Search for Windows 8.1.

This is the future of search. Be part of it!