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New Bing Ads Feature: Preview the Result of a Bid Change on Your Text Ads in Real Time

When your ads receive very few impressions (or none at all), one of the more common solutions to improve performance is to raise your bid in the hopes of making your ad more competitive. With a suggested bid-by-bid landscape based on historical data, you might consider giving the Bid Landscape Tool a try to ensure that your bid is not too high, yet still competitive.

Taking things a step further, would it interest you to know whether a new bid can bring your ads up in real time? Do you want to preview the result of different bid amounts before making a decision? If so, then try out these new features that were just released in the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool. You'll find it under the "Tools" menu when signed in to your Bing Ads account.

New Bid Suggestion and Instant Preview

When your ads are not delivered in response to a search query, you can identify the reasons why that may be by reviewing the “Text Ads” tab in your Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool. If the solution is to raise your bid, a small icon will appear next to the reason listed in the “Reason for not showing” column, as shown below:

Click the icon to enter the bid suggestion window.

Try Different Bids and Preview the Results

In the bid suggestion window, you can choose the suggested bid from Bing Ads or input your own bid manually.

Click “Preview” to enter the preview window, and check whether the ads in question will serve if you apply the new bid.

If they can serve with the new bid, your ads will be highlighted here. You can go back to the bid suggestion window by clicking “Back” button, and try different bid to see whether your ads can be shown or where your new position is.

Note: This new feature currently only works for text ads. Also keep in mind that sometimes your ads can’t show even with a high bid. There are several possibilities, for example, another keyword already triggers ads for your domain, or your keyword’s quality score is below the threshold.

If You Like it, Save It

If you are satisfied with the new bid, click “Save” in the bid suggestion window. Otherwise click “Cancel” and return to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool.

To learn more about this tool, visit the Help Center. Comments? Questions? Feel free to leave them below.

Lei Wu

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform