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Looking for Your Next Customer? Reach Your Business Goals with Bing Ads

Whatever kind of business you run – a restaurant, an auto shop, a clothing boutique, or anything else, you know finding new customers is not easy. How do you attract customers in a cost-effective, convenient way?

The answer may be in your hand – your mobile phone. We’ve all seen how the world is going mobile, and I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to constantly checking my smartphone for e-mail, directions to a restaurant, or a place to buy a gift.

Now, take a moment to think about who these people - people like me - really are. If they’re using a smartphone, chances are they’re on the go and getting things done. Search on mobile devices is creating easier, more efficient ways for businesses to connect with new customers. Research shows that more than half the people in the United States use their smartphone to search online[1] and are expected to spend some 51 percent of their online time searching in 2014.[2]

As a small business owner, you’d no doubt love to have a way to connect with those people quickly and easily, so they can find your business. That’s what we do at Bing Ads – create a simple, fast way for you to market your business effectively. We offer a number of features that help you meet your business goal, whether it’s to get more calls, find more leads, or have more people walk in your door.

When it comes to search marketing, one of the best ways to get local customers through your front door is Location Extensions. This simple feature lists a business address with your search ad, enabling customers to easily find you – they click on the address for turn-by-turn directions.

Another great way to get your phone to ring is with Call Extensions, which puts a click-to-call number on your ad. That makes it easier for a customer to call you, and for you to connect with new prospects who are actively looking for a business or service such as yours.

Mobile targeting and mapping capabilities ensure you are connecting with customers in your desired area.  Location Targeting lets you set up your ad so it appears within a certain radius, perhaps only in the town where you do business. That helps you control your budget and reach only the customers that are most valuable to you.

You also don’t want to miss out on Bing Places for Business, a free service that lists your business on Bing Maps, so anyone exploring your neighborhood with Bing Maps will see where you are. It’s easy to set up Bing Places with our step-by-step instructions.

So don’t wait – now is the time to get your business right in front of people who need you. Our infographic tells you more about how search can help you find your next customer:

Start advertising on the Yahoo Bing Network to reach potential customers today. You’ll be glad you did.

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