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How Mobile is impacting Search across 7 top industries

Everyone knows that mobile rules the digital future, but how – exactly – is it playing out in your particular industry?

bing ads mobile industriesHere at Bing Ads, we decided to take a look at seven top industries and see how mobile phone use was impacting search in each of these verticals. Then we looked specifically at how we’re delivering clicks and value to advertisers.

These are the industries we explored:

With the increased screen size of popular phones, consumers search on their mobile phones at home and when they are on the go. Mobile users are more likely to take actions or complete a task using their mobile devices especially when they are out and about. Use these presentations to be ready to influence mobile customers throughout their search, decision, and purchase journey.

The immediacy of the mobile medium means that people searching for the products and services you offer can look up your business hours, get your address, and make a phone call to learn more or to schedule an appointment right then and there as a natural progression from having entered their search query. If you, as an advertiser, have put all the right pieces in place, your potential customer can access all the information needed and complete a task quickly.

Mobile is more than just another channel through which to advertise. It has its own nuances and opportunities that are changing the way we market our businesses. Be ready.

Each of these PowerPoint presentations include:  

  • Recent third-party research on mobile user behavior
  • Mobile performance on our network for the industry, plus for 4 or 5 sub-industries each
  • Best-performing ad copy recommendations: note how keywords searched are different on mobile than on PC and tablet
  • Tips to improve ad performance

If you or your management team are wondering if it’s worthwhile putting extra resources into mobile, these presentations can be a valuable tool to share with your company to help make the argument that consumers and your competitors are moving to mobile.

Being left behind will be costly.