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Marketing Master Class, Episode 5: Glocal marketing

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Photo of Jason MillerWant to learn about growth marketing from some of the best in the business? Tune in to “The Marketing Master Class” podcast series to hear expert tips, hacks and best practices. In Episode 5: “Glocal marketing,” Jason Miller,global content & social media marketing leader at LinkedIn and author of the bestselling B2B marketing book “Welcome to the Funnel,” talks with Geoff Colon about the latest trends and challenges in global-local (glocal) marketing and engaging customers across borders. By the end, you’ll learn to develop a more global focus, avoid some common pitfalls, and discover the benefits of long-form content.

Doing more with less

“We’re pushing out content so fast that we don’t have time to promote it. The biggest trend that I see is: slow down, do less,” remarked Miller in the podcast.

While we often hear about how our audience’s attention spans are shrinking and that long-form content is obsolete, Miller’s experience suggests otherwise. He explained, “longer form content is tied to higher search results, higher rankings in the search engines. It gets more shares … The opportunity is to slow down, go deep, own the conversation, do more with less, and really focus on amplifying that content to the right audience.”

Owning the conversation

“Just as a search engine’s job is to deliver the most relevant result to the query that’s typed in, your job as a content marketer is to be that best result and to be better than the competition,” Miller told us in the podcast. “You have to ask yourself: what conversation do you want to own? And that often turns into: what is the number one question on your prospect’s and audience’s minds that you want to solve for?”

Miller went on to describe The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and how it’s allowed his team to own the conversation around marketing on LinkedIn – for the last 4 years and in seven languages. “It works because it is that best answer, it gains authority over time, and it’s universally the best answer around the world,” he declared.

For him, that’s the power of a big rock piece of content. If you spend time getting the big rock right – answering the right question for the right audience, then you can use that content to create smaller slices for promotion across channels and to keep your brand and offerings top of mind. Together the big rock and its slices can position you to own a conversation for an extended period.

Creating cross-border content

Global marketing is about more than the central office sending local offices content to translate. “It’s important to keep in mind for a content marketer or social media marketer that you have to start with a global vision, you have to extrapolate what the piece of content looks like around the world,” Miller remarked in the podcast.

For big rocks, he said “you have to come up with a theme, then move into what is that big rock, and then how do you scale it around the world?” Once you have a basic outline and chosen format (for example, eBook, video, etc.), take the time to get input from your local offices. That way you can start off with a global, collaborative spirit.

Some pieces work across borders and others don’t. If it doesn’t, don’t force it. “You can’t localize everything for every country around the world. It doesn’t make sense. Do what makes sense,” said Miller.

Finding a balance between what content gets localized and what content is created locally provides an opportunity for local offices to show off their creativity. That local content might inspire or influence the central office’s next home run piece of content.  

As Miller explained, “If you have that home run piece of content, it really opens up the ability for your team to try new things, take intelligent risks and truly be marketers.”

Hear more tips and insights from Jason Miller in Episode 5: “Glocal Marketing.” You can also subscribe to “The Marketing Master Class” and other Bing Ads podcasts on SoundCloud.
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