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New Bing Ads Features Coming this Spring

We’ve been hard at work adding new features to Bing Ads in response to your feedback and we wanted to announce some of the upcoming improvements you can expect this Spring.

Improvements to Radius Targeting

Directly in response to customer feedback, we are developing the targeting functionality below to enable you to better control where your ads show and to what audience. 

Geo & radius targets in the same campaign/ad group

Bing Ads currently limits you to only add one type of location target - either all geo (city, state, country) or all radius (5 miles around Seattle, WA). We are changing this. Soon you will be able to add both geo as well as radius location targets in the same campaign or ad group.

More granular radius targeting

We will also support more granular radius targeting from 1 to 500 mile increments of 1 mile. Additionally, you will also have the choice between kilometers and miles as units for your radius targets.

Improvements to Sitelinks

Also in response to customer feedback, we’re making some noticeable enhancements to sitelinks, including:

Description Text

With description text you’ll be able to add two additional lines of text with each sitelink in your ad extension.

Device Preference

We will also be supporting mobile device preference so that you can indicate which links you prefer to show on mobile.

What you need to know

  • You will not need to change your existing campaigns to take advantage of these enhancements, and will be able to incorporate them into your existing campaigns. Check back in June as we’ll be announcing on our blog when the feature is available to all users.

  • For API customers there are some immediate changes that you need to be aware of. Please visit the API blog to understand how you can prepare your Bing Ads clients to handle this change.

If you have any questions or comment, feel free to leave them in the comments below, post a thread in our forums, ping us on Twitter or write on our Facebook wall.

Thank you,

Devang Gandhi

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform