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New Feature in Bing Ads Gives You a Better View of the Bid Landscape (US Only)

We are pleased to announce availability of the new Bid Landscape, a feature designed to give you more bidding power with less guesswork.

Thinking about changing your bids but worried about what it might do to your impressions or cost? Or maybe you want more clicks, but are not sure how much you need to increase your bid to make that happen. We developed Bid Landscape to provide a fast and seamless solution for you to make informed decisions about your keyword bids. 

Why Use Bid Landscape?

Bid landscape (US only) shows you how different estimated bids would have impacted your impressions and clicks over the previous seven days. If, based on this information, you want to raise or lower your bid, you can then select one of the estimated bids, or enter your own custom bid. 


The bid landscape is simple to use.  

  1. On the Campaigns page, Keywords tab, if there is sufficient data for your keyword bids, a small graph icon will appear next to your current bid.
  2. Click on this icon and you'll see a graph with a click-cost curve or a bid-impression curve. This data shows an estimate of the impressions, clicks and top impressions you would have received in a historical 7-day window for a given bid. 
  3. You can leave a keyword bid as is, or make a change. To change your bid, select the appropriate value in the left column and click Apply. If you want to enter your own bid, you can do so in the last row.

See the notes below for addition information about the estimations and data.

Thank you Pilot Participants! 

This feature was submitted to a group of pilot participants at the end of 2013, whose sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. The pilot users all agreed that bid landscape provided them with an easy and convenient way to judge the effects of placing different bids per keyword and enabled them to make better informed decisions to optimize their campaigns. 


We were happy to hear this feedback, as from a technical development and design perspective, the most important outcome was also the most challenging: matching our model to the algorithmic components of the market to ensure our bid landscape outputs were consistently strong in their value for advertisers.

Next steps 

Try it out!  If you want to learn more, see the Bing Ads Help article, "Get Click and Cost Estimates for Your Keywords."  We encourage you to take advantage of the Bid Landscape feature the next time you choose a keyword bid.

Thank you,

Tracy Chen

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform


  • The estimations have been based on the selected bid over the last 7 days (or could be less than 7 days if the keyword was just added). Advertisers will be shown estimations based on their selected bid over the last 7 days and not daily. It doesn’t guarantee future performance.
  • Bid landscape only pulls data from the search network. The number in the grid pulls performance data from both the search and content networks.
  • Bid landscape assumes there is no bid update in the past 7 days for the estimation. If the bid was updated during the 7-day window, the estimated performance numbers might be affected (aka different from the performance shown in the campaign grid).
  • Bid Landscape data is updated daily. If you just changed your bid, you’ll need to wait for another day to see the updated bid landscape.