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New in Bing Ads Intelligence: Expand Your Reach with Broad Match Opportunities

When you’re just starting to ramp up on how pay-per click (PPC) marketing works, one of the first things you learn about match types is that using broad match can help you capture new and existing volume that you can’t reach through exact match only.

Need a refresher on match types? No problem…

Overview of match type settings in Bing Ads

If you’re looking for ways to increase your impressions (and, hopefully!) clicks, you might want to try our new Broad Match Opportunities feature in Bing Ads Intelligence.

Don’t have this handy Excel add-in? You can download it for free right here on the Bing Ads site.

Broad Match Opportunities in Bing Ads Intelligence

To use this new feature, open Excel and go to the “Bing Ads Intelligence” tab to sign in with your user name and password, then select the account you want to work on. You will then see the “Broad Match Opportunities” tab, right there in the tool bar. Once selected, all the available broad match opportunities are shown within your spreadsheet.

Bing Ads generates the Broad Match opportunities by looking up the keywords being bidded on via Exact Match (and Phrase Match), then mining the keywords’ performance in the Bing Ads marketplace, and making suggestions  to bid on the Broad Match version for one keyword if…

  • The majority of impressions or clicks for this keyword in Bing Ads come from Broad Match type
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of the keyword’s Broad Match version is high in Bing Ads
  • The cost-per click (CPC) of the keyword’s Broad Match version is low in Bing Ads

Bing Ads Intelligence (BAI) also provides data points to show “Opportunity Lost to Competitors.” For example, for the keyword “furniture poker table”, 99.91% of impressions and 100% clicks are contributed by Broad Match (BM) in the marketplace.

For Alice:

  • % of impressions contributed by BM in marketplace = 130/200 = 65%
  • % of clicks contributed by BM in marketplace = 24/30 = 80%

Applying Broad Match Opportunities to Your Bing Ads Campaigns

All the suggestions come with a suggested bid, so you can easily review and, if you accept the suggestions, apply it in one easy step. Simply click on the “Apply Keyword” button and the Broad Match version for these keywords will be automatically added into your account.

If you don’t want to accept all suggestions in the “Broad Match Opportunities” sheet, you can simply delete the rows for the opportunities you don’t want to use. You can also adjust the bid in the “Suggested BM Bid” column to meet your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change the campaign name or ad group name, you will not be able to upload the opportunities into campaigns. BAI will always use the suggested ad group and campaign name to apply opportunities.

Once you’re done removing rows you don’t want and adjusting any bids for updates you want to make, select the keywords that you want and then click “Apply” to add these into your campaigns.

  • If the upload is successful, the entire row will be marked in Green.
  • If the upload failed, the entire row will be marked in Red with the last column showing why “Apply” failed.

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Thanks for reading!