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The Bing Ads Editorial Team Wants to Know: Have You Checked the Change Logs Lately?

In this fast moving connected world, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the change that are going on around you. You’ve got email updates, news updates, friend status updates, schedule changes and occasional Bing Ads Editorial Guideline changes too. That’s a whole lot of things to keep track of! It's for this reason why we launched the Editorial Guidelines Change Log to help you stay on top of our Bing Ads Editorial Guideline changes. Currently, it includes all the changes we’ve made since November 2012. Every time we change a guideline, we post the date, the region, and a summary of the change.

Saving You Time

Instead of reading through the entirety of the Editorial Guidelines to identify changes that are relevant to you, you can now scan through the summarized Editorial Guideline Change Log. When you do find something relevant to you, it’s only a click away from the comprehensive changed guideline.

Learn of Changes Over Time

If you’re like us and want the ability to track changes, having the time stamp and a list in the Editorial Guideline Change Log allows you to see how the guidelines have changed over time.

We hope that the Editorial Guideline Change Log is helpful and can keep you up to date on any policy changes as they come out.

Comments or questions? Feel free to leave them below.