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Braving Digital Transformation – an eBook Guide

Technology has forever changed the way we behave as consumers. Smart technology and apps, for example, have disrupted the way we shop, plan vacations, and even pay bills. For decades, these activities were completely devoid of technology. Now, we can’t imagine life without it.


“A new type of consumer has emerged out of the interconnectivity of devices and location independency. Equipped with an average of 3.64 devices, and an internet connection, they do not fit easily into traditional definitions. They do not display the habitual patterns of a fixed user who only consumes media at home, or of the mobile user who catches news on their smart phone while waiting for the train. Nomadic in nature, they want to use their devices anywhere and everywhere. They want convenience and convergence.”1

 Similarly, we know as marketers and business leaders that rapid advancements in technology have forever changed the way we engage with consumers. But growing and thriving in this disruptive world doesn’t just require understanding. It requires adaptation.

The good news is these volatile times present significant opportunities. Each new channel, device, and platform gives us the chance to forge closer, more powerful relationships with consumers; they present us with new methods to help us engage, inform, and have more relevant conversations with them.

Braving Digital Transformation, a new eBook from Bing Ads, provides four chapters of insights — and quite a few doses of reality — demonstrating how businesses can keep pace with new technological advancements and embrace new methods of engaging, acquiring and retaining customers. Hopefully, after you’ve consumed these 24 pages, you’ll reevaluate your thinking on a few fronts and ultimately build more sustainable and profitable customer relationships. Find a model you can apply to your strategy to start your own transformation today!

1 Braving digital transformation, Bing Ads/”Know Your audience,” Global Web Index, Feb. 2015