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Bing Ads and Big Data: Why PPC Advertising is Cool

Some time ago, I attended a workshop on writing professionally. During a writing exercise, one of the observations a colleague made was that if you think back to the vintage, collectable advertising signs and gimmicks of yesteryear, e.g. Coca-Cola, Planters Peanuts, etc., the thing that stood out about them was that they were cool. There was something in the imagery that caught the eye and inspired the imagination, but while the visual appeal was there, the measurability of reach and effectiveness was not. Today, we have that measurability through digital advertising, but the "cool factor" may or may not be there, depending on the medium being used. 

Last week, Lars Hirsch wrote Unlocking Advertising Insights with Big Data from Bing Ads, providing a great overview of some of the thinking and problem solving that goes on behind the scenes here at Bing Ads... but did you know that there's a section here on this web site that provides more in-depth information, broken out by some of the top advertising verticals?

There is... just hover over "Insights" in the top navigation and you'll see "Industry Insights" appear:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may not have the visual appeal that display advertising does, but in my humble opinion, the data availability and cool factor are not mutually exclusive, as my writing class partner inferred -- it's the data availability that makes it cool.

PPC can help you reach customers, as well as provide the opportunity to measure and improve your digital advertising strategy's effectiveness, but the visual appeal factor sits squarely in your court -- make sure you've got a stellar web designer to create landing pages that will catch the eye and inspire your visitors (to become customers!).