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Help Us Design the Next Version of the Change History Report

Whether Bing Ads is developing new features or improving existing ones, a top priority for us is incorporating feedback from our users – all of you, that is! You’ve probably heard us say this before, but we’ll say it again: we’re committed to making the Bing Ads platform a user-friendly, efficient, and data-rich tool that enables you to meet your needs as advertisers.

What Is Change History?

Currently, we’re working to improve the Change History report experience in your Campaigns page.  Change History allows you to view changes you have made to your campaigns in the past; more importantly, Change History helps you to analyze how changes you’ve made to your campaigns correlate with performance. For instance, Change History might help you infer that a deleting a keyword led to a drop in the number of impressions your ads received. You can filter these changes by characteristics such as a specific time frame, budget, keyword, status, or distribution type. We also provide handy graphs so that you can better visualize the effect of your changes on your campaigns.

Change History Now_Rebecca

Change History Now!

Of course, the Change History tab is far from perfect, and that’s why we need your input.

  1. Don’t use change history? Why? Tell us if you’ve never heard of the feature; tell us if you tried it, didn’t like it, and why.
  2. Use change history? Great! Tell us what improvements you want to see!

Thank you!

Rebecca Lai

Bing Ads Platform