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The 2 Bing Ads Settings That Control Where Your Ad Shows Up

Advertisers have asked us how location targeting works in Bing Ads and for clarity around what other kinds of things impact the answer to the question: where are my ads going to be displayed?

In response, we’ve recently updated our documentation to provide more detail on this topic in order to help you optimize your campaigns in a way to achieve a higher return on investment.

There are two main settings that control where your ads will display.

1. Ad Group Language

Ad group language is the language you select for your ad groups when you create your ads. Bing Ads supports numerous languages for your ads and the list is expanding as we grow. Your ad group language determines where your ads are potentially eligible to display. For example, ads written in English are eligible to display in the countries listed in this table in the updated documentation.

Anar_Ad Group Language_Bing Ads

2. Location Targets

Use location targets to set your preference in Bing Ads for where or to whom your campaigns and ads should target. For instance, when you specify Seattle as your target location, that is where your ads will display.

Anar_Location Targets_Bing Ads

The below illustration shows how Bing Ads processes your Ad Group Language and Location Targets to determine where your ad(s)will  display.


For more information on how location and language impact where your ads display, we invite you to review the updated documentation. When in doubt, we are always here to answer your questions in our community support forum or in the comment box below.

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