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Bing Ads Editor: Bringing greater control on when to show your ad extensions and improved shared libraries

Save time and manage your campaigns more efficiently with ad extension scheduling for all your extensions and improved shared libraries for Call Extension and Location Extension in Bing Ads Editor for Windows (Mac version coming soon).

Control delivery of your ad extensions

Following our announcement earlier this year, we are bringing ad extension scheduling control to Bing Ads Editor! With ad extension scheduling, you control when your extensions are delivered for the time that’s most impactful for your business. Take control of the date range, days of the week, and time of the day of when your ad extensions are displayed. Ad extension schedules can be based on your account time zone or the time zone of the person viewing your ads. This powerful feature will help you connect with your customers at the most ideal time for your business and reduce wasted clicks. To learn more, visit the ad extension scheduler help page.

Note: Scheduling your ad extensions does not guarantee that the extensions will be shown. Visit the ad extensions help page to learn more.

bing ads editor ad extension

screenshot of hot to edit an ad extension

Efficiently manage Call and Location Extensions

In our ongoing effort to provide you efficient management of your campaigns, we’re excited to share that Bing Ads Editor now has improved its shared library support by including Call and Location Extensions. Save time by creating just one shared library for Call and Location Extensions and associate them with multiple campaigns. For example, you can create one shared Location Extension and associate with multiple campaigns in just a few clicks. As an example, if you need to change the phone number in the Location Extension, you can simply modify the phone number in the shared Location Extension and all the related Location Extension associations will be automatically updated.

example of shared location extensions now available

example of callout extensions that are now available

Note: Bing Ads Editor shared libraries currently support Sitelinks, Callout, Review, and App Extensions.

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