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Infographic about Bing Ads searchers: 71% of searchers are age 35 or older; 77% of searchers are college educated; 54% of searchers earn $75K or more a year.
  1. Attract customers who spend more
    Unique desktop searchers on the Bing Network spend 36% more online than the average Internet searcher in the U.S.

  2. Extend your reach
    With one ad buy through Bing Ads, you’re able to reach 137 million unique searchers on the Bing Network in the U.S.

  3. A high-value audience
    Bing gives businesses an opportunity find more customers who know what they want and how to get it — which makes increasing sales simple. In general Bing searchers are affluent, mature and educated:

    • 54% have a household income of $75,000 or more.
    • 71% are ages 35 and older.
    • 77% are college educated.
What’s great about Bing is, the Bing consumer tends to be a little older and more motivated in terms of their actions; in other words, they window shop less and buy more.

--Robert Monson, vice president of marketing, Showroom Logic

Tap into a new audience

Bing Ads can give you access to high-quality customers across categories that are not reached on other search engines:

  • 50 million – Retail
  • 35 million – Business and finance
  • 19 million – Education
  • 26 million – Travel
  • 14 million – Automotive
  • 10 million – Telecom

The power of the Bing Network

More searches in more places than ever before

The Bing Network meets your customers everywhere they are — and whenever they are looking for businesses like yours. We reach searchers through Windows 10, Office and Cortana, and on devices like Xbox, Kindle Fire HD and Windows Phone. We’re also the search engine behind top sites like Twitter, Amazon, Yelp and others.

Expand your reach

Thanks to syndication partnerships with adMarketplace, Infospace, Yahoo and AOL, your ads can appear on some of the Internet’s most popular sites including Forbes, Bloomberg and eBay Classifieds. The Bing Network helps you tap into more high-quality volume and reach a valuable audience.

Better results for less cost. That’s as simple as I can make it. If I look at the quality of the traffic we get for the dollars we spend on Bing Ads, our ROI is fantastic.

--Alex Littlewood, CEO, Motoroso

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