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Pay-per-click PPC advertising has helped many small businesses flourish. Entrepreneurs from many different industries have grown their businesses by using Bing to drive sales and increase revenue.

We’ve mimicked our highest performing campaigns from other platforms on Bing Ads. Return on ad spend is consistently strong, proving Bing Ads to be one of the most reliable platforms.

— Juliana Dean, digital marketing manager, grew its click-through rate by 65% and decreased the cost per conversion by 20% using Bing Ads in its paid search strategy.

Find out how wins big with paid search.

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Photo of Adam Young
Ad extensions have been key to creating highly targeted ad units that help increase traffic and conversions.

— Adam Young, CEO and Founder, Event Tickets Center

Event Tickets Center CEO Adam Young uses ad extensions, Remarketing in Paid Search and Bing Ads Editor as part of a holistic online strategy.

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We didn't necessarily want to double CPL and get double the volume, because that wouldn't be acceptable for us. But when you're in a situation where you can get 80% more volume from 10% more cost, that makes a lot of sense.

— Adam Lewis, Senior Digital Media Buyer, Keypath Education

Keypath Education helped Azusa Pacific University attract students via paid search by adding broad match modifiers, resulting in a 188% increase in brand conversions.

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We're also driving a higher percentage of new visitors through Bing, as compared to our paid search efforts on other search engines, and we see higher conversion rates with a lower investment.

— Krysta Brown, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced builds steady growth using paid search and a mix of Bing Ads features such as Sitelink Extensions, device targeting and location targeting.

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