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Why are more and more advertisers and agencies growing to love Bing Ads?


1. Bing is growing

The Bing Network powers nearly one-third of all desktop queries in the U.S., which means your ads can get more visibility inside and outside Microsoft.


2. Bing reaches a high-value audience

Infographic about Bing Ads searchers: 71% of searchers are age 35 or older; 77% of searchers are college educated; 54% of searchers earn $75K or more a year.

The Bing Network reaches a high value audience not found on Google. In the U.S., Bing Network searchers spend nearly 36% more online than the average internet searcher.,


3. Bing delivers results and delights customers

Illustration showing the benefits party supplier Century Novelty achieved with Bing Ads: 1237% revenue increase, 1015% spend increase, 1257% orders increase, 18% CPO decrease, 20% ROAS increase, 1038% impressions increase, 1254% clicks increase, 19% CTR increase, 18% average CPC decrease.

Many advertisers, big and small, who tap into the Bing Network consistently see great ROI. And when compared to Google Ads, many of our advertisers see lower CPCs. With the assistance of CommerceHub and Bing Ads, party supplier Century Novelty took their search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising up a notch.


4. Bing innovates with products advertisers love

Connect deeper with customers. Get clicks with Sitelink Extensions, save time with Bing Ads Editor and make more with Bing Shopping Campaigns.


5. Bing provides the support customers need

Whether you have a question or want to improve campaign performance, Bing Ads is ready to help you. You can call us, chat or make an appointment. Visit our support page to contact the Bing Ads Support team or get in touch with your account manager to take your campaign performance to new heights.

Bing Shopping Campaigns are not only improving our bottom line, but we are also getting really great exposure and brand interaction with growth over the original Product Ads campaigns.

--Kyle Madigan, President, Century Novelty

Customer success stories

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