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The Art and Science of Bing Ads automation

  Webcast hosted by ON24 , Tips & Tricks

Discover powerful, time-saving account management techniques

Webcast overview

Date: August 17, 2017
Time: Available on demand
Duration: 41 minutes


Learn how to use Bing Ads solutions to automate all kinds of tasks. Grinding through campaign maintenance work eats away at time you could spend building your business or finding new clients. Let automation solutions help with the heavy lifting on everything from mundane tasks to those that require more insight.

Join our team of Bing Ads marketing managers for an in-depth look at what automation tools are available and how you can use them to enhance your campaign management.

This webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Keywords
  • Budget
  • Bids
  • Ad copy
  • Optimization

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Kevin Salat

Kevin Salat

Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Kevin is an experienced online advertiser who started his career managing retail paid search campaigns. He focuses on creating seamless experiences for businesses to get up and running on Bing Ads, from the agency and billing space to Google Import.

Stefanie Bounds

Stefanie Bounds

Account Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Stefanie has over 10 years of advertising experience including four years of managing multi-channel digital advertising campaigns. She works with a variety of verticals including automotive, retail, B2B, and more.

Aaron Stacy

Aaron Stacy

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Aaron has held senior marketing and account leadership positions across a range of top digital organizations. Prior to rejoining Microsoft, he was the Senior Account Lead at Velti responsible for designing and managing the rewards loyalty program for T-Mobile's 22M postpaid customers.

MJ DePalma

Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

As the Senior Global Channel Marketing Manager, MJ brings the Bing community together. She launched the Bing Ads webcast channel to connect, educate and empower customers to achieve their goals. She is a sales and marketing expert with experience in strategy ideation and execution.