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Digital assistants: Reordering consumer lives and redefining digital marketing

March 2017

Technology has evolved, so has human behavior, and these concurrent evolutions have given marketers more opportunities to connect with their audience than ever before. Digital assistants are changing the marketing landscape. Looking forward, this voice-based conversational commerce will drive a new breed of marketing that will initially supplement and then eventually replace traditional marketing channels.

A new market arises
Digital assistants provide a new, always-on way for brands to engage with customers through one-to-one, hyper-personalized marketing. Learn how marketers can take advantage of these emerging opportunities for personalization.
Rethinking digital marketing
If digital assistants are to become the primary access point to our consumer, how does a brand align with her to be the brand she chooses to share with our consumer? In other words, digital marketers will not just be marketing to the consumer, but to digital assistants.  Learn how digital assistants determine which ads to share with their customers.

Take action
The time is now to switch from advertising to advocacy, from conversions to conversations, from mass marketing to me marketing.  Your customers are starting to look for you through their digital assistant.  The question is, will you be there? Read this whitepaper to learn what actions should you be taking today to prepare your brand for digital assistants.