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The future of search

Search is literally breaking out of the box. Once a function that used to be limited to a text box on a specific site has slowly been integrated into more and more of the technologies, devices and apps we use every day, from phones to gaming consoles.

The future of search is changing the marketing industry in some dramatic ways. Marketing isn’t just about the 4Ps anymore: Price, Product, Promotion and Placement. View or download the infographic and get to know the new 3Ps of marketing and how you can prepare.

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The search industry, with its billions of human interactions per day, is uniquely qualified to offer a personal, more human-centered experience to its users.

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The humanization of search
As technology is growing search is evolving to become more human.

Maximize your marketing budget
Bing Ads teamed up with Kenshoo to explore the concept of “marginal ROI”: the predicted increase in revenue for the next dollar you spend.

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Three trends that will impact search marketing

  January 11, 2017

Search marketing is outgrowing the search box. With guest Rand Fishkin from Moz, listen in on how artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice engagement will impact the industry.

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Catalyst partners with Bing to study search in the media mix

  November 18, 2016

Not long ago, Catalyst, was invited to work with Bing on some partner research. Together we decided to tackle a question that haunts PPC marketers everywhere: How does paid search fit into the consideration for media budget?

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Bing Ads Next 4.0

  November 11, 2016

Today we hosted the fourth Bing Ads Next. This is a unique event we have been delighted to host annually on the campus of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington with a number of top thought leaders, influencers and friends of Bing.

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