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Learn about the Bing Network audience

Get detailed U.S. data on searchers across industries.

March 2018

Find fresh leads from new keyword trends related to your industry


Boost keyword strategies with new trending queries

Get more leads from new trending queries and add broad match to catch 73 % of them.

October 2017

Ad scheduling trends


Schedule ads using trends to be more cost effective

Discover the best hour, day and device for your ad campaigns.

September 2017

See the CTR, CPC and click volume of ads by device and industry on Bing Ads


Use click-through trends to plan device targeting

Find the best devices to target and bid on for your campaigns.

September 2017

Find CPC and CTR for ads in the U.S. on Bing Ads by state and industry


Use location trends to target relevant customers

See where ads in your industry work the best and how much to bid.

September 2017