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SEM insights for Mother’s Day 2018

Plan your Mother’s Day search and PPC campaigns with data on the most popular Mother's Day searches, top performing categories and keywords.

April 2018

Woman looking at wooden blocks in the shape of a Christmas tree and a star.

White paper

How to increase your online to offline sales

How paid search drives in-store purchases during the Holidays and beyond.

November 2017

Woman and man chatting while using smartphones


Evolving smartphone audience preferences

U.S. smartphone shoppers are becoming savvier and thriftier. Get tips to help your PPC campaigns stand out in a saturated marketplace.

November 2017

Young couple hanging holiday decorations on rustic building


Holiday insights and strategies from Bing Ads

Prepare your paid search campaigns for the biggest retail season of the year with the latest research, insights, tips and tricks.

September 2017

Group of people viewing smartphone.


Marketing checklist for device launch ramp-up

Build an effective new device launch campaign plan with these search, click, audience and device insights.

August 2017

Young people with smoke flares and a shopping cart


Advertise ahead and last-minute for back-to-school

Get quick stats and tips to help time and budget your back-to-school search ads.

May 2017

Disruptive marketing to generation X, Y and Z

Webcast hosted by ON24

Disruptive marketing to generation X, Y and Z

Explore trends, tactics and strategies to reach three key audiences: parents, students and teachers across three generations for back-to-school shopping.

May 2017

Mother’s Day 2017 trending keywords


Mother’s Day 2017 trending keywords

Find out what searches are trending for Mother’s Day 2017 to expand your Bing Ads keyword bids.

May 2017

School children walking through playground


A+ insights for planning back-to-school campaigns

Start reaching three key audiences for a successful back-to-school shopping season.

April 2017

Mother’s Day advertising insights


Celebrate modern moms with Mother's Day insights

Find out search trends and how to create successful search and shopping campaigns for Mother’s Day advertising.

February 2017