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Clients get a holistic strategy

July 2016

In the quiet suburbs of Northeast Philadelphia just a few miles away from where George Washington led American troops across the Delaware River, rests one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies in the United States (number 1,057 to be exact) with 400% growth in three years. There appears to be a new “revolution” taking place here. This one however, is occurring in the digital marketing landscape.
Vincodo, a full-service, data-driven strategic marketing company, specializes in customer acquisition and sales growth. Just don’t label it an agency in the traditional sense. The company takes great pride in its ability to extend beyond agency work to take on a consulting/strategic advisory role, serve as a channel manager and blaze new trails for its clientele. “Because of the commitment to growth that we dedicate to our clients, many of their businesses have grown by more than 100% each year since our founding,” points out Tim Daly, founder and CEO at Vincodo.
The agency provides paid search marketing, programmatic display advertising and social media advertising buying services based on strategic marketing planning. In support of those activities, Vincodo offers complete data warehouse solutions and custom analytic reporting. Out of all that, the company’s bread and butter comes from paid search marketing including pay-per-click (PPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). “If you need leads or sales on a cost-effective basis, we're your company,” Daly declares. Vincodo’s data and analytics capabilities help clients optimize return on ad spend whether sales occur online, on the phone or in the store.

Holistic strategy gets results

Established in 2010, the company has designed a variety of campaigns that range from Fortune 500 retailers to specialty direct marketers and event venues. In between, you’ll also find the agency working with e-commerce, financial service, insurance and home service companies, education organizations and professional sports leagues. Most of the work is done solo, but sometimes, the agency partners with other niche agencies in non-core services to offer a best-in-class marketing campaign that reaches beyond the digital landscape.

Daly oversees client strategy and marketing operations. He personally manages the optimization and implementation of at least one client campaign at all times, ensuring that even as the company leader he stays familiar with challenges his team is facing with industry vendors. This enables improved training, supervisory oversight and improved results for the client.

When customers come to him, they want more than ideas; they want full-blown strategies. “They’re looking for a complete solution — one that takes an idea, executes it and then delivers results.” For Daly, that means blending Bing Ads in as a core component of any search engine marketing (SEM) solution.

Increasing clients’ reach with the Bing Network

“With all of our clients being direct-response oriented, they want the highest ROI possible,” Daly says. “Bing Ads always gets full budgetary allocation due to the quality of its results.” What Daly looks for from the Bing Network is new volume that builds on what he gets from other paid search options such as Google. “If we can get more search query volume at the same or improved quality, we will buy every ounce of that volume that someone can provide,” Daly adds. 

Results aside, Daly also points to the people behind the Bing curtain as a key factor. “Our Bing Ads agency team has real practical knowledge of marketing,” he says. “They're not just asking us to spend more money on paid search. They’re searching for opportunities for growth.”

Looking ahead, Daly says that paid search will continue to be a cornerstone service at Vincodo.  “Over the past two years, we’ve aggressively expanded our services to support programmatic display and social advertising as our clients have requested,” he says. Vincodo will continue to focus on listening to customer needs in order to find the best ways to support its clients. Daly feels confident that this focus will lead to new opportunities in the future as the marketing landscape shifts with new technology innovations.

At the end of the day, Daly wants his customers to have the best possible experience with SEM — one that optimizes results and stretches advertising dollars. “We hold ourselves accountable for the highest levels of service,” Daly avows. “We want our clients to feel and know that we treat their money as if it was our own.”