Get started with Bing Ads

Though you may already manage clients using Google AdWords, the Bing Network can boost online search traffic by offering an additional customer audience while increasing diversity, growth and profits for you and your clients.

 Download the Bing Ads Agency Welcome Kit to get started

Inside this kit you’ll find:

  1. Your agency welcome brochure
  2. Client facing brochure to help you pitch Bing Ads
  3. Bing Ads infographic
  4. Client pitch materials
  5. Bing Ads coupon

Seasonal resources

Back-to-school is the second largest retail season following the winter holidays. Help your clients reach shoppers who are predicted to spend roughly $70 billion1 this year with these agency back-to-school materials and $100 new client coupon.

 Back-to-school insights presentation
 Back-to-school words that work – ad copy analysis
 Back-to-school checklist and coupon
 Back-to-school sales in 120 seconds

1. National Retail Federation Economic Forecast, 2016.

Additional resources

Talk with an agency expert: Bing Ads case studies
 Page Zero
 White Shark Media

Find local data insights

Check out the Bing Ads planning tools. Find data on click volume, cost per click, click-through rate broken out in various ways, like industry and sub-industry, device type, location and time.

Bing Ads tools

Customize your clients’ campaigns with powerful Bing Ads tools and features:

Pitching tips and materials

Reach new clients, sell your talents and services and increase repeat customers.

 Top 5 reasons advertisers love Bing Ads
 Customizable agency pitch presentation
 Get the latest Bing Ads insights
 Top 10 search advertising tactics
 Global market share one-sheet

Training & certification

Position your agency as an expert.

Bing Ads Jump Start training Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Agency tools and features

Use new Bing Ads features to deliver high-performance service to your clients.

 Bing Ads features one-sheet

Learn about ad extensions:

Be sure to test Bing Shopping Campaigns.