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Get started with Bing Ads

Though you may already manage clients using Google AdWords, the Bing Network can boost online search traffic by offering an additional customer audience while increasing diversity, growth and profits for you and your clients.

 Download the Bing Ads Agency Welcome Kit to get started

Inside this kit you’ll find:

  1. Your agency welcome brochure
  2. Client facing brochure to help pitch Bing Ads
  3. Bing Ads infographic
  4. Client pitch materials

 Bing Ads features one-sheet

 Global market share one-sheet

Seasonal resources

Did you know that our searchers account for 28 million travel searchers not found on Google?1 Get deep SEM insights from Bing to help attract more clients, grow existing ones and to share your expertise. Learn more by downloading the Take Off with Bing Insights infographic.

 Take off with Bing Insights infographic

1. comScore qSearch (custom), U.S., June 2016; industry categories based on comScore classifications.

Training and certification

Position your agency as an expert.

Bing Ads Jump Start training

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Additional resources

Talk with an agency expert: Bing Ads customer stories
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Find local data insights

Check out the Bing Ads planning tools. Find data on click volume, cost per click and click-through rate broken out in various ways, like industry and sub-industry, device type, location and time.