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Answers to frequent questions

1. Is Gemini part of the Bing Network? 

No. Gemini is a separate platform that renders ads based on the content and environment a customer is in. It provides search text ads on smart phone and tablet across Yahoo and Yahoo partner sites, as well as native ads across all devices. Native ads may appear within the stream of content including the search results page, as appropriate. Gemini search ads and campaigns created in Yahoo’s Gemini are not eligible to be shown on any Bing, Microsoft, or Bing affiliate properties on the Bing Network.

Under the Search Alliance, mobile was deemed as so important to advertisers, that it was left as non-exclusive, so that both Yahoo and Microsoft could innovate rapidly on new mobile products and platforms for the benefit of advertisers.

2. Can I access Gemini data in my Bing Network or Bing Ads campaign reports?

No, Gemini is a separate platform so Gemini data is not available within the Bing Ads campaign reports.

3. Does Gemini for mobile provide the same search ads features as Bing Ads?

As a separate platform, Gemini has a different set of features when compared to Bing Ads. Feature variances include differences in match types, ad extensions, targeting options, reporting, and bulk editing.

4. Have all Yahoo mobile search text ads moved to Gemini?>

No, only a portion of the Yahoo mobile text ads have moved to Gemini. While Gemini currently represents a minority of the total search text ads being served, advertisers may see different results based on budget allocation, targeting, bids, ad quality and other auction dynamics. For many advertisers, Bing Network will still deliver the majority of mobile clicks while some advertisers may find they receive more clicks from Gemini.

5. In what position will my Bing Ads’ campaigns serve on mobile devices across the Bing Network?

Bing Ads continues to serve the majority of mobile search text ads in the most valuable position (ML1) on the search results pages across the Bing Network. However, advertiser placements may differ based on bids, ad quality and other auction dynamics. For many advertisers, Bing Network will continue to deliver more clicks from the ML1 position, while some advertisers may find they receive a majority from Gemini.

6. How do I know if I am signed up and receiving campaign traffic from Gemini?

There are several ways to understand whether your campaigns have been opted into Yahoo Gemini. For example, you can verify that your Yahoo IO’s reflect your expected budget allocations, check your invoices, contact your Yahoo Account Manager, or look at inbound click traffic through your analytics tools. Please contact your Yahoo representative, Bing Ads Account Manager or use contact us to ensure that your campaign budgets are allocated as intended against your search and mobile objectives.