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Beginning Thursday, May 24th, the Bing Ads Accredited Professional (BAAP) membership directory, membership dashboard and accreditation exams will be temporarily unavailable while we upgrade our systems. During this brief down time the BAAP courses and study guide will remain available, so study hard and be prepared to take the BAAP exam when available! Thank you for your patience.

Please reach out to with any questions.



Using the badge

Listed below are general restrictions and recommendations for using the Accredited Professionals badge.

Clear space

To stage the tile properly, a minimum clearance must be maintained around the badge equal to the height of “X.”

Minimum size

The badge has no standard size; it can change size depending on the use. Use the following guideline when sizing the tile.

The badge must always be readable. To ensure this, it should never appear smaller than 2 inches (50.8 mm) wide when printed in full color. Online, the tile should not appear smaller than 200 pixels wide.

Badge prohibited alterations

Do not augment the badge.

Do not rotate the badge.

Do not change proportions or shape.

Do not add a drop shadow to the badge.
  • Never make the badge appear connected to, or as part of, any other symbol.
  • Never modify the badge in any way. Use the artwork as it is provided.
  • Never combine the wordmark with any other text or descriptor.