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When you set up Conversion Tracking, you teach us what works best for you. Then our platform can match you to searchers across our network who are more relevant to your business. You can also access tools and insights to help you optimize your campaigns for greater impact.

Measure your impact online and offline.

Why use Conversion Tracking?

  • Measure campaign impact to optimize and improve.

    Track online conversions (including e-commerce, engagement, visit duration, pages viewed and custom events) by setting up a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on your website. Measure offline conversions such as online leads, quotes and calls. You can import call conversion data through supported third-party call tracking providers, and also keep track of app conversions including app installations.

  • Automate helpful features to save time and effort.

    Conversion Tracking enables automated features around campaign management, bidding, optimization suggestions and audience targeting. Some features require it while others are greatly improved by its use.

  • Enhance your Bing Ads experience.

    Broad match and syndication account for more than one-third and one-fifth, respectively, of all conversions tracked on our network. By using Conversion Tracking, you help us improve how we match your ads to searchers and apply better quality and pricing controls across our publishers. These improvements, in turn, help improve your campaign performance.

Get started with Conversion Tracking

You can find additional Conversion Tracking resources in the Bing Ads Help Guide.


Set up a conversion goal

Add a UET tag to your website and start tracking conversions.