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How do you choose the best keywords? How much should you bid on them? The Bing Ads Keyword Planner can help identify the most effective ad groups and keywords to boost your campaign performance.

Benefits of Keyword Planner

Choose keywords confidently. Suggestions come from rich insights based on historical trends and marketplace competition.

  • Set bids accurately.
    Adjust your bid and budget to see estimated traffic volume and keyword performance.

  • Factor in targeting and segmentation.
    Use detailed location targeting down to the city level with 10,000 cities in the U.S. available.

  • Customize easily. Tailor results with filtering of historical statistics, inclusion or exclusion of phrases, and dedupe keywords already in use.

  • Use Keyword Planner at no cost.
    It’s free to use this powerful research and planning tool.

Start using Keyword Planner

Begin using Keyword Planner now to research and plan your campaigns. Want expert advice at no cost? Set up an appointment with a Bing Ads consultant  today. Get free help with Keyword Planner, plus how to boost your ad performance, choosing the right copy and keywords and more.

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