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Thousands of individuals across the globe have completed the exam to become an Accredited Professional. Click through the Membership Directory to learn details about location, language, verticals, and membership status of individual members and the companies they represent.

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Member name Member since Company name Locations Languages
Maik Bräuer 07/09/17 - Switzerland German
Dean Goldstein 10/20/16 - romania English
Benjamin Joksch 05/09/17 - Germany German
Prayash Verma 07/05/17 - India English
André Bastié 02/10/17 --- France English, French
mohammed ahmed hassan 06/03/17 . egypt English
Mark Anning 08/03/16 @Large marketing & advertising Australia English
Claudio Grego 06/15/17 000 Italy English, Italian
Miguel Cardoso 01/04/17 Portugal English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
ANTHONY ISKANDAR 09/26/16 1011 Digital Agency Indonesia English
Destiny Sze 07/13/17 10th Degree United States - California English
Jeff Dent 02/28/14 180fusion United States - Utah English
Dan Kogan 06/21/17 1Digital Agency United States - Pennsylvania English
Navdeep Singh 10/18/16 1neclick Online Pvt Ltd India English
Lance Bachmann 11/02/16 1SEO Digital Agency United States - Pennsylvania English

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