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Thousands of individuals across the globe have completed the exam to become an Accredited Professional. Click through the Membership Directory to learn details about location, language, verticals, and membership status of individual members and the companies they represent.

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Member name Member since Company name Locations Languages
angela Lustenhouwer 11/09/17 - Netherlands Dutch
Rolf Buist 09/27/17 050media Netherlands Dutch
Kaylee Eijer 02/22/18 AdRebels Netherlands Dutch, English
Wouter Nieuwerth 05/19/15 Adwise Internetmarketing Netherlands English
Ruben Timmermans 01/18/18 Adwise Internetmarketing Netherlands Dutch
Mathijs Verhallen 08/29/17 Afdeling Online Netherlands Dutch, English
Thomas van Heusden 05/24/16 Aklik Netherlands English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
ALOKE EJIKE JOSEPH 11/06/17 Aloke Valentine Group Netherlands English
Erik Heuven 05/08/17 Askja Reizen Netherlands English
Alissa Dillen 02/20/18 Bee Academy Netherlands Dutch, English
Karlijn Sol 02/20/18 Bee Academy Netherlands Dutch, English
Suzanne Brockotter 10/23/17 Bee Interactive Netherlands Dutch, English
Corné Ouwerkerk 09/17/17 Blauwe Monsters Netherlands Dutch, English
Lars Wonnink 03/15/18 Bloei Online Netherlands Dutch, English
Vivian Allers 07/26/17 BlooSEM Netherlands Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

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