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Ad Extensions are enhancements for traditional text ads that enable you to improve engagement with your customers and campaign performance. Bing Ads policies apply to all ad extensions, along with some additional requirements listed below. Please note that most of these requirements apply to all ad extensions, for example the accuracy and truthfulness of the information you provide.

App Extensions

App extensions enable you to promote your apps directly from your ad text leveraging assets like text, logos, images and URL associated to your app ID in the app store.
  • Ensure the app description you use is accurate and in line with Bing Ads policies. This includes the thumbnail or app preview icon used in your  ad copy.
    • The app as described in ad copy must be the one actually available in the store. For example, you may not describe one app in ad copy and link to a different one in the store.
    • Be accurate when making representations regarding the identity of the developer or producer.
    • You may only promote an app that you either own or have a right to distribute.
  • The app you promote must be appropriate for the intended audience of your advertisement, including how it relates to age ratings. If your ad copy promotes travels for example, you may not link to a casual dating app for download.
  • A click on an app extension may lead users to the app store, but it may not directly generate a download.
  • Malware, spyware and other malicious software are strictly disallowed.
We are committed to the highest standards of quality and relevancy and we actively invest in meeting the intent of our users with the most relevant advertising content. We use multiple data points to ensure the best performance of your advertisements. In the context of serving your advertisement with an app extension we will leverage assets like text, logos, images and URL associated to your app ID in the app store.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extensions are additional links in your ads that take people to specific pages on your website. These are policies to help you implement them well.
  • It should be reasonably clear which portion of your website is promoted by each sitelink extension. For example, link text such as “Contacts” may not point to the “New Arrivals” portion of your website.
  • Each sitelink extension needs to feature a unique name. In other words, you may not have multiple sitelink extensions with the same link text within the same ad copy.
  • A click on a sitelink extension may not trigger an automatic download.
  • Unnecessary symbols and characters like emoticons and block elements such as ▉ or ▃ cannot be utilised in accordance to the Bing Ads content and style policies.
  • You can enter up to 10 sitelink extensions per ad group. Character limitations may apply (for example, in Taiwan, 15 characters for link text and 1024 characters for the destination URL maximum).

Location Extensions

Location Extensions enhance your ads with a business address and phone number to help customers contact you.
  • Please ensure that you input a valid address for your location extension.
  • The address you select must be the actual address of your business location(s). For parent companies, this includes the address of your affiliates.
  • It should be sufficiently clear to users which business is located at that address. Ensure that the name of the business at that location is properly displayed.
  • If you insert additional promotional text, ensure this is not only accurate but also relevant for the location promoted. In other words, do not use offers that only apply to your New York, NY location while promoting your Seattle, WA location.
  • For images, please follow Bing Ads Image, audio and video policies.
  • If you have multiple locations, the address shown will generally be the closest to the location of the user. The radius for the location display is up to 50 miles. If you do not have a business location entered that is within 50 miles of the user, no location will be shown in your ad.
  • Location extensions are not available to customers participating in the Bing Ads Adult advertising program.

Phone numbers and ad call extensions

  • Valid phone number: The phone number must be in the correct format for the market in which the ad is displayed, including a valid area code. For example, the correct format for the United States is: (425) 555-0177. International calls are not allowed.
  • The phone number must be all numbers.
  • No letters are permitted.
  • Disallowed characters in phone number: The phone number cannot contain special characters with the exception of parentheses and a dash.
  • Fees: Phone charges in excess of standard fees must be clearly identified before the call is placed, including disclaimers in ad copy. At times, we reserve the right to block certain premium rate phone numbers (such as "900" numbers in the U.S.).
  • Call recording: In addition to complying with all applicable legal requirements, a clear notification of the fact that a phone communication is being recorded is required before recording begins.
The use of a phone number in any portions of your ad copy, is disallowed. You can only use Call Extensions to add a phone number to your ad copy. Location Extensions also allow you to use a phone number.

Image extensions

Please review Bing Ads Image, audio and video guidelines.

Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured Snippet Extensions allow you to provide more context on specific aspects of your products or services.

  • Products or services included in a Structured Snippet Extension must be actually offered by the advertiser.
  • Avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. All Structured Snippet Extensions must comply with Bing Ads intellectual property policies.
  • Snippet descriptions must be 25 characters or less.
  • Snippet text must be directly related to the header. For example, a technical school advertising a Network Engineering Program may select the header “Courses”, snippet text may include “Basic Hardware”, “Server Essentials”, “Basics of Networking”, “Intro to the Cloud”, etc., but may not include "Financial Aid".
  • Snippet text cannot be duplicated in the header. For example, "destinations" cannot be used as a snippet under the "Destination" header.
  • Promotional text cannot be used in snippets. For example, "Travel Europe" cannot be used under the "Destination" header. Some examples of approved snippets under this header are, "New York", "Berlin", "Sydney", "Moscow", etc.
  • Structured Snippet text must not feature any disallowed content per our policies, for example hate speech or defamatory content.