Bing Ads Engineering is headed to Portland for #HEROConf

Our managers have decided it's time to untether us from our offices, cubicles and conference rooms and let us out into the sunlight where coders and program managers run free from time to time.  We're headed to Portland, OR for the PPC Hero Conference next week!

With the exception of Cork, we're a relatively new bunch when it comes to attending PPC conferences. Given the high concentration of SEM experts and power users who'll be in attendance, we're super excited about the prospect of picking some of your brains for feedback and new ideas on taking Bing Ads from Underdog to Wonderdog. Momentum is building, so we’re honing in on refining the user experience to help keep it going... we can’t wait to talk to you!

You'll find us at the Bar Takeover by Bing on Monday night from 8 to 10pm (shuttles leave the Hilton for the Leftbank Annex at 7:30pm) and at the Bing booth on Tuesday between 9:30 and 11:30am. If you've got a few minutes to spare either Monday night or Tuesday morning and care to share your thoughts with us, we'd love to hear from you. You can rest assured that any feedback will be shared broadly with our Engineering team to help inform product planning this summer.

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

bing ads engineering hero conference

Given how many of us are brand new to attending conferences, please do keep an eye out for us and say hello if possible. As much as we love our co-workers and will absolutely enjoy the time we get to spend with them in a setting outside the office, we're all really looking forward to meeting our customers and hearing about their experiences and perspectives on how we can make Bing Ads the platform you want it to be.

Safe travels to everyone heading to Portland, we can't wait to meet you!


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Bing Ads and you: How to plan a successful PPC campaign

In the last post in the Bing Ads and You series, we went over collecting audience insights to anchor your marketing plan. Today, we will again leverage MaternaLIFT’s case study to illustrate how to plan a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. Bing Ads teamed up with Kelly Malm, Digital Marketing Strategist and owner of Digital Conflux to develop a campaign proposal for MaternaLIFT. 

The following insights summarize what we've learned from Kelly while crafting the plan.

1. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is converting prospects into lifetime customers. Keep this top of mind then next time you create an SEM campaign proposal for your clients.  

To create a campaign proposal for MaternaLIFT, we studied the business’s web analytics data to assess our paid search channel’s contribution to its total visitor volume, estimate the additional paid search traffic generated by the campaign and what the long-term impact on other visitor channels may be as a result.

bing ads plan successful campaign

We also leveraged MaternaLIFT’s web analytics data to assess how visitors react to different landing pages and focused on those with the highest visitor engagement (lower bounce rate, higher pages/session and session duration) to craft our proposal.

bing ads plan successful campaign

2.  SEM is all about having a measurable outcome.  Don’t rush the process of carefully defining your goals and success metrics, a critical feature of a promising campaign proposal.

For MaternaLIFT, we took the following steps to create performance metrics:

1.       Identify web events contributing to MaternaLIFT’s business objectives and list conversion trackers we will deploy.

2.       Assign value to each type of conversions based upon MaternaLIFT’s input - different activities contribute different values to your business (e.g. scheduling an appointment has higher value than signing up for newsletter), assign proper value for each type of conversions enable business to properly measure return on ads spend.

3.       Specify the process to validate whether conversion trackers are work correctly to avoid looking a compass not pointing north   


3.  Study your client’s business structure to recommend the optimal campaign structure for that business in your proposal.  

Mirroring your SEM campaign structure with your client’s business structure will enable you to apply business information unique to that merchant into the SEM campaign, making it easier to coordinate online and offline marketing down the road. We leveraged the following charts to help MaternaLIFT’s understand a traditional SEM campaign structure and best practices before brainstorming on how we will reflect its business structure on its new SEM campaign.

bing ads plan successful campaign 

bing ads plan successful campaign

bing ads plan successful campaign

With your search engine marketing plan’s relatively short shelf life (given the accelerated pace of new products and a constantly changing marketplace dynamic), it’s more important than ever to regularly review and update that plan.

Through this project we've learned that there's a steep learning curve on how to grow a business and how to develop a campaign; this blog post series aims to help busy merchants like you learn more about the foundation of digital advertising.

Until next time,


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Introducing the Bing Shopping Campaigns Beta

The Bing Ads team has been continuously working to improve your Product Ads experience.  Bing Shopping Campaigns are an optimal way to organize, track, and optimize your Product Ads directly in Bing Ads. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be enabling Shopping Campaigns on Bing Ads for a limited number of advertisers, and extending to all advertisers over the coming months. 

What Are Bing Shopping Campaigns?Bing Shopping Campaigns are a new campaign type within Bing Ads that makes it easier for you to advertise your products from your Bing Merchant Center store online. They are the latest and greatest way of creating and managing Product Ads that streamlines the process to make it easier and faster for you to get those ads up and running.

Benefits of Using Bing Shopping CampaignsIf you’re using Product Ads, Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) will become your new best friend.  In addition to making it easier for you to connect with customers and promote your products online, with Bing Shopping Campaigns you’ll find: 

I. Easier Management and More Control of Your Product Ads

o Intuitive hierarchical structure to organize the products you want to bid on.
o Ability to view your catalog data within the campaign UI so that you can make a more informed bidding choice.
o Ability to prioritize across campaigns with a single priority setting.

bing shopping campaigns

II. Deeper Insight into How your Product Ads are Performing

o Ability to view performance data for all your products no matter how your campaign is structured within the campaign UI.
o Competitive intelligence via benchmark data to help drive better optimization.
o Additional Reports.

bing shopping campaigns
III. Ability to Import Google shopping Campaigns with a Single Click

o If you are already running Google shopping campaigns, you can import your Google shopping campaigns as is into Bing Ads making it easier for initial setup and further maintenance.

bing shopping campaigns

IV. API support

o You can manage your Bing Shopping Campaigns at scale using APIs. You'll find instructions for using Bing Shopping Campaigns via the API over on MSDN.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re a managed Bing Ads customer (i.e. you have an assigned Account Manager) using Product Ads on Bing or Google Shopping Campaigns, you’re welcome to get started with Bing Shopping Campaigns right away! Simply reach out to your Account Manager and let them know you’d like to be a beta participant. NOTE: If you do not have a dedicated Account Manager, please stay tuned here to the blog for updates as we are planning to make Bing Shopping Campaigns available to you this summer.

Getting started is simple – three steps, and you’re done!
bing shopping campaigns

For more details on getting started, review the Introduction to Bing Shopping Campaigns Beta PDF file. Stay tuned for more updates and information as we move toward general availability for all US customers this summer.

Thank you!

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App Extensions now available in Bing Ads

Appification is the new norm.

As consumers spend more time on mobile devices, advertisers are increasingly asking for ways to reach relevant customers and promote their apps. With millions of apps available across multiple platforms, app discoverability is the key challenge. Ads that help users discover apps account for 25 percent of all mobile ad investment.

We’re pleased to announce a solution for Bing Ads customers – App Extensions! This is a simple new way to reach relevant customers and promote installs for your apps using Bing Ads.

What’s New

Starting today, App Extensions will be available on mobile (Windows, iOS, Android), tablet and PC. 

Bing Ads app extensions

App Extensions allows you to promote apps to help increase downloads. App Extensions are optimized for app discovery and driving downloads using smart detection of operating systems and devices, connecting searchers with the apps in the appropriate app store. Given that all app stores now also support the ability to remotely install apps, searches can help promote apps for multiple platforms on PC desktops, allowing for greater reach. 


App Extensions work across devices including smartphone, tablet and PC. In addition, you'll also find...

•  Increased customer engagement. Promote app installs as a clear call-to-action within your ads to drive installs and engagement.
•  Detailed reporting. Track clicks and app installs as conversions alongside other performance metrics at the campaign and ad group level.
•  Usability. Manage extensions at the campaign or ad group level, plus automated metadata changes from the app store (icon, ratings, etc.).
•  Smart detection. App Extensions provide automatic detection of the user’s device and operating system and sends customers to the appropriate app store.

How to Use and Track

To set up a new App Extension, select it from the Ad Extensions tab, and then the Campaign or Ad Group you want to apply it to.

Bing Ads app extensions

You can then select an app or add a new one. Once you save your new app extension, it will go through the editorial review process to verify the app name and icon. 

Bing Ads app extensions

During the setup of new App Extensions, you also have the option to add a “Measurement URL”, which allows you to track app installs via a third party. Note that a goal will be automatically created in your library of Goals and Conversions so that you can begin tracking your conversions with the new feature. 

Bing ads app extensions

App Extensions’ performance will be reported alongside other extensions in Bing Ads, giving you the same great data you’re used to: Impressions, Clicks, CTR (%), Spend, Average CPC, Conversions (app installs measured using third party measurement support). This data can be pulled at the account, campaign or ad group level via Ad, Keyword or Ad Extensions reports.

Bing Ads app extensions

For a detailed step-by-step and guidance on how to add app install tracking, visit this Help page. You'll also find additional information on this new feature on the App Extensions page here on the Bing Ads site.

There's More to Come

App extensions are part of a package of extensions from Bing Ads designed to deliver relevant, high quality volume and help you reach more audience. This is just the first step of our journey to bring you solutions to promote your apps and re-engage app users with deep linking ads. As you read this the team is hard at work on the App Install and Engagement Ads. We would love to continue to hear from you and your thoughts. Questions, concerns and thoughts are candidly welcomed at

Pankesh Jhaveri

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