Bing to Power AOL’s Search

Here at Bing Ads, we’re constantly looking for ways to extend our reach and grow volume for our customers.  That’s why today we are excited to announce a new partnership with AOL.  Beginning January 1st, 2016 Bing will become the exclusive provider of search and search advertising services across AOL properties for even greater consumer and marketer reach.


Now with 20% market share in U.S., Bing continues to grow organically and through key partnerships. The 10-year deal with AOL is the latest to validate the exceptional quality of our results and marketplace. No longer just a destination search engine, Bing is becoming an integral part of popular first and third party devices and services.


The extended reach combined with the controls within Bing Ads will give marketers opportunities to reach even more customers at the right ROI.  We’re excited about our partnership with AOL and will continue to evaluate additional partners to bring new opportunities to our customers.

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Advertising internationally with Bing Ads

The world is no longer restricted to buying locally; today's discerning consumer is travelling the world via the web from the comfort of their sofa to find unique products at the best price. Borders don’t apply online and international shopping is on the rise.

To provide an example, here's a quick snippet from a full infographic on international advertising that highlights the opportunity for advertisers who are considering tapping into the market in Brazil:

bing ads advertising internationally

With numbers like this, there's a good chance you'll see better results, more sales and more traffic with Bing Ads in Brazil -- if you ship internationally, then it certainly could be worth running a test campaign to see what your return on investment would be.

In addition to information on the Brazilian market, the full version of the infographic that this info on Brazil was pulled from will also provide you with 3 easy steps to set up a international campaign, as well as some tips for how to build a successful campaign in markets outside of your own.

Questions, comments? Feel free to ping us on Twitter.

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Summer travelers are mobile and local

bing ads mobile2015 is set to become a watershed year for the travel industry. According to eMarketer, travel advertisers are expected to spend almost exactly as much (49%) on mobile ads this year as they will spend on other digital platforms. 1

Furthermore, 50% of all spending on digital travel ads is expected to go to paid search this year. 1

But mobile is having an even bigger impact on the way travelers spend their time and money. When travelers are visiting your town, they’re local, and they’re going to use their smartphones to search for local activities. The good news for you: the majority of the money they will spend on their vacation will be spent during their trip on local businesses.

Reach them before and during the trip

Your local business’ efforts to capture vacationers’ dollars used to be limited to brochures in hotel lobbies, print ads, or the concierge’s memory. Now you can offer your unique, local experience directly to travelers both before and during their trip.

Pre-trip planning: Target by location + keyword intent

bing ads mobile localIntent or interest targeting, when combined with location targeting, allows you to focus on specific audiences you most want to reach during the planning phase of their trip. Zeroing in on searchers by both their current location and trip-planning keywords, your ads will display to the right audience with the right intent.

For example, if your market research has found that travelers from San Francisco spend the most when visiting Seattle, you may want to serve ads to San Francisco searchers who are looking for “Seattle hotels.” This has the potential to significantly improve CTR.

If you think this may limit your overall reach, you can try a different approach. To bump up your potential volume of impressions, see Lucy Wang’s recent article about improvements to our matching technology for geography and product intent (among other parameters): Broad Match: The ultimate volume player.

During the trip: Use location targeting

bing ads mobile localWherever you are, you’re local. At least that’s how it looks from a smartphone’s perspective, and local searches are growing: use of terms like “nearby” or “closest” or “near me” are on the rise.

These days, no traveler arrives in your town without their mobile phone and their thumbs ready to click on the search icon. Local businesses can capitalize on these “temporary locals” as they search for restaurants, concerts, sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, and other local attractions.

bing ads mobile local

For more details, see the three minute video on Location Targeting.

Who will win in 2015?

The big winners this year will be those who move the traveler closer to the conversion action at the very moment they show intent. Savvy ad copy, targeting, and using call extensions and location extensions in your ads can significantly increase your conversion potential.

Get all the Yahoo Bing Network travel tips in our mobile insights presentation and infographic.

[1] eMarketer. The US Travel Industry 2015: Digital Ad Spending Forecast, May 2015. Includes both leisure and business travel.

[2] Skift. Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015: Yearbook / Issue: 01

[3] Bing Ads internal data for summer 2014. Local attractions include aquariums, museums, national parks and monuments, theme parks. Events and tickets include dinner theaters, music concerts, theater and fine arts, ticket agencies.

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Customize campaign data to save time and finish faster

Do you often find yourself changing the columns you're viewing in Bing Ads?  Are you tired of repeating the process each time? Have you found that a second here and a second there adds up pretty quickly? We’ve fixed that. Now, you can pick the columns you want, arrange them in the order you prefer and save it for the next time.

bing ads reporting columns

Furthermore, the columns are saved per user, per account, so each user on an account can create the columns views that they want to use.

Find columns, finish faster

You can also now find the columns that you want to add to your campaign table by using the categories in the column chooser.  The columns will be grouped under various categories such as Attributes, Performance, Conversions and Call details so you can easily find the column you’re looking for without having to scroll through one long list.

bing ads reporting columns

How to Save and Apply Columns

To apply and save columns to your table, first click on the Columns control in the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords, or Product Targets tabs and then select Modify columns.

bing ads reporting columns

You can then add or remove the columns that you want to see in the table.  You can find the various columns you need by switching between the column chooser categories on the left.

bing ads reporting columns

You can then click on the Save this set of columns check box and enter the custom name for the columns you want to save.  Click the Apply button and your columns will be applied to the table you're working in.

bing ads reporting columns

In the Columns menu, you can now see your new saved column set and know that it is applied to the table by the check mark next to the name. Next time you come back to Bing Ads, just click on the Columns menu and select the name you provided for your saved columns to apply it to the table again.

bing ads reporting columns

Stay tuned

If you don’t have this functionality showing up in your Bing Ads account(s) yet, don’t worry!  It will be rolling out over the coming week.

Let us know what you think!  Questions, comments or concerns?  Connect with us on Twitter or share a feature idea on the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum.

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