Going global with Bing Ads for iOS, Android coming soon

bing ads iosToday, we are excited to get Bing Ads for iOS in the hands of every advertiser on the go, worldwide. For our existing customers, your app will be automatically updated via the App Store. For those who are hearing about our #bingads iOS app for the first time, we encourage you to add it to your #sem #paidsearch utility belt so you can quickly monitor and check your campaigns whenever you take a break from checking in on #ppcchat.

What's new with Bing Ads for iOS?

Back in April, we announced our splash into the App Store with Bing Ads for iOS. Since then, we’ve heard your feedback, listened to your feature suggestions and made improvements. Now, you have access to richer performance metrics and can get more visualizations of your campaign performance data to make more informed decisions.

bing ads ios

Here’s a recap of what’s new in Bing Ads for iOS:

  • See performance graphs at any level: campaign, ad group, text ad, or keyword.
  • Select up to two metric tiles above any performance graph to view performance data for two metrics at a time. For instance, you can see how your clicks and conversions trend over a period of time.
  • Enlarge any performance graph by changing your phone’s orientation to horizontal or tapping the icon in the bottom right.
  • Learn everything about Bing Ads for iOS on our website.


What's coming? Bing Ads for AndroidTM!

bing ads ios

But wait there’s more! Our team has an Android app experience in the works and we can’t wait to share it with you. We are looking to you, our customers, to pilot with us and would love to hear from you as we expect to release our Android app to all English markets within the next few weeks. Please contact bingads-mobile@microsoft.com if you are interested in participating in the Bing Ads for Android pilot.

Here are a few quick teasers of our Android app:

bing ads ios

Learn everything about Bing Ads for iOS on our website.

We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve our apps to help you do more and work less. We encourage you to write us a review in the App Store or send the team an email with your thoughts: bingads-feedback@microsoft.com.

Get Bing Ads for iOS now


The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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Changes to WAP mobile ads starting in September

Bing Ads WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mobile ads are pay-per-click ads that are displayed on Bing and Yahoo mobile search results pages. The ads are displayed only to people who search using mobile phones that don't have full web browsers; they aren't displayed on smartphones.

In September 2015, Bing Ads Web UI will not allow you to create new text ads with the ad type: WAP mobile ad. Bing Ads Editor 10.9 will not support WAP mobile ads in any operation (sync, import, export). You will still be able to edit existing WAP mobile ads using Bing Ads Web UI and the V9 API services, however.

In November 2015, Bing Ads will no longer serve WAP mobile ads on search result pages in all languages and countries. Existing reporting and performance data will still be available for advertisers to reference.

In early 2016, Bing Ads will officially sunset WAP mobile ads from all entry points (Web UI, Editor, API). All reporting and performance data will not be available at that time.

Advertisers who are currently using WAP mobile ads are heavily encouraged to enable mobile preferred text ads in order to reach customers who are using mobile devices.

bing ads wireless application protocol

Like deprecating Content Ads, deprecating WAP mobile ads is a part of our constant effort to optimize the supply we have in order to deliver great ROI for our advertisers.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think at our Feature Suggestion forum, or you can ping us on Twitter.

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Tutorial: Getting started with Bing Ads

Back in the day, one of the most popular places for businesses to advertise their products and services in was the phone book. When your potential customers pulled out that big white and yellow book to find the number of the local pizza delivery place, if you owned a restaurant that could be one of those places for them, you needed to make sure you had an ad in there so you'd stand out from the competition.

That was then... this is now.

The way we look for information on local businesses has shifted from in print to online, but the need for you to show up where your customers are with an eye-catching ad in the hopes that they'll choose you over the competition remains the same. Just as businesses in the past would allocate some budget to advertising in the phone book, but would also seek out other publications where their ads could reach new customers, so should today's business owners consider expanding their online exposure to new avenues that can deliver a solid return on investment.

Whether you're brand new to online advertising or a seasoned veteran who's been laser focused on Google Adwords, you should consider giving Bing Ads a try. Many of our current advertisers are quite happy to find that they're seeing lower costs-per-click due to the competition being not quite as fierce here as it is on other platforms. 

Whether you're already well versed in PPC advertising or brand new to it and could use some help with getting your first campaign set up, be sure to check out this helpful tutorial to help guide you through all the steps to get started.

bing ads tutorial

Questions? Comments? Feel free to stop by the Bing Ads Support Forums, or you can always ping us on Twitter.

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Changes coming to Bing Ads due to Content Ads Deprecation

As Rakesh outlined earlier, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure high quality traffic for you, in early August we will stop serving Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of websites. These ads represent less than 2% of traffic on our network. As the only remaining content advertising option is available only for customers in the United States (serving content ads in Windows media and Windows apps), there will be a set of small changes that happen automatically that I will outline below.

What is changing for United States customers?

United States customers will not see any change in the Web, Editor, or API. However, as of early August US customers opted into content ads will only have those content ads serving in Windows media and Windows Apps.

What is changing for advertisers in other markets?

The below changes will happen automatically. Most customers garner minimal value from the content network and many customers chose to opt out of the content networks. Hence, many customers may not notice the change.

Interface changes – middle of August: As there will be no more remaining content ads services, we will stop the ability to create ad groups with a content distribution or update ad groups’ content distribution based information.

o   Web: You will not see the content distribution option when creating or editing ad groups.

o   Editor: When syncing your changes, if you try to create a search + content ad group, it will be saved as a search ad group. When syncing changes an error will be thrown if you try to create a content only ad group or update content distribution based information. In later versions, the option to make these changes this will be removed

o   API: If you try to add a new search + content ad group it will save as a search ad group. If you try to add a content ad group an error will be thrown. If you try to update content based information an error will be thrown.

Import: If you import a Search and Display campaign from AdWords, the ad group distribution will be Search in Bing Ads. If you try to import a Display campaign from Adwords, it will not be imported; Bing Ads does not have Display Advertising.

Your current content ad groups: Your current search + content ad groups will automatically become search ad groups in the next few months. For the few of you who have content only ad groups, those will automatically become paused search ad groups.

Thank you

We want to thank you for all of your feedback. We are continuing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that ROI on Bing Ads is as high it can be for our advertisers.

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