Microsoft is “all-in” with search advertising

For an inside look at the people and ideas behind Microsoft Search Advertising, we give you the Microsoft Search Advertising All-In Video.

In this video, Microsoft Search Advertising Corporate Vice President, Rik van der Kooi, talks to Danielle McMeekin, Regional VP of Sales, about what excites him about Bing Ads and how Microsoft is committed to growing Bing to meet the needs of current and future Bing Ads clients.

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If you're pressed for time, or if you're only interested in specific topics, we divided the full-length interview into six “bite-sized” episodes, each lasting no more than 2.5 minutes. You'll find links to each one below the full-length video.



Microsoft Search Advertising “All-In” video episodes

Episode 1: Empowering Customers (01:20)

Episode 2: Bing’s Value to Advertisers (01:35)

Episode 3: Growing Scale for Advertisers (01:43)

Episode 4: Audience Matters (01:15)

Episode 5: It’s a Mobile World (02:30)

Episode 6: We’re all in! (01:16)

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Announcing the Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program

bing ads elite smb partner programIf you’re a small and medium business (SMB) partner who’s successfully helped SMBs find their own success, we have great news for you.

We’re launching a new global program for partners who have proven their competence in bringing success to small & medium businesses -- today, we're happy to announce the launch of the Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner Program.

These partners are among the chosen few, who have an in-depth understanding of search advertising landscape and Bing Ads solutions. They are committed to providing high quality support and service and have the expertise, technology and skilled workforce to ensure that SMBs succeed with the Bing Ads platform.

Among other requirements, partners must meet the following guidelines:

  • Be a Bing Ads trusted advisor to a large base of small and medium businesses.
  • Meet the Bing Ads Elite Partner Product Certification requirements and maintain a required number of Bing Ads Certified Professionals.
  • Have an infrastructure to provide billing & reporting support to a large base of customers on a regular basis.
  • Be able to participate in Microsoft and Bing Ads partner events and trainings designed for the Elite SMB partners.


Microsoft and Bing Ads are committed to providing world-class service to SMBs around the globe to empower them to do more.

To enable our elite SMB partners Bing Ads will provide:

  • Exclusive trainings, quarterly business reviews and dedicated account management.
  • Invitation to product ideation sessions with our product teams.
  • Joint marketing programs and partner events.
  • Performance-linked incentives.
  • Access to our progressive technology and APIs to perform bulk operations.


If you think you qualify, and are interested in joining the Bing Ads mission to provide world-class products and services to SMBs, please visit the Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner page for more information and how to get in touch.

Questions? Comments? 

As always, please feel free to ping us on Twitter, add a post in the Bing Ads Forums or suggest a feature for consideration in a future Bing Ads release.

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Ready, set, budget: Cyber Monday is coming soon

Last year, Cyber Monday was the highest volume holiday search day on our network1 – exceeding $2 Billion in sales for the first time – the greatest online sales day in history!2 It’s a busy week indeed; half of the top search days fell during Thanksgiving week.1

As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, remember that Cyber Monday falls on the last day of the month – we don’t want you to miss out on significant traffic if your budget may be at risk of running out. Remember to allocate sufficient budget to accommodate the search volume surge before, on, and after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Total holiday online spend grew 4% in 20143, and E-commerce is expected to grow 14% this season and account for 10% of all sales.4 Cyber Monday sales peak later in the evening,1 so ensure your budget won’t force you to go dark before the end of the day by setting up Automated Rules.

Be sure to check out hour by hour search trends by device – we can tell exactly which hours see peak volume on which device for the top 3 shopping days based on 2014’s data.

bing ads cyber monday                                                                                                             

Similar to how you can incrementally increase your bid based on days or markets, you can incrementally increase your budget by device! Use these bid modifiers and double down on mobile or key hours – which are late afternoon/early evening.

Even though Cyber Monday is the top spending day, 90% of top online sales still take place in December.5 Be mindful of what’s approaching quickly as you set your December budgets. Don’t lose out on sales and plan ahead with our Holiday Shopping Calendar. Hanukkah, Green Monday, and Christmas Eve (just to name a few) are right around the corner!

Don’t lose out on sales and traffic! Plan your budgets ahead and be sure to check out all of the Holiday Insights below:


Thanks for reading and have a great holiday shopping season!


1.       Microsoft Internal Data, PC + Tablet, November-December 2014.

2.       “Cyber Monday Exceeds $2 Billion in Desktop Sales for First Time Ever to Rank as Heaviest U.S. Online Spending Day in History,” comScore press release, December 2014

3.       National Retail Federation, Retail Holiday Sales Increase 4 Percent, January 2015

4.       eMarketer Webinar: Lessons Learned from Holiday Shopping 2014 – What to know for 2015

5.       Top 10 Desktop Spending Days in 2014 Holiday Season, comScore, Inc.

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From the Ad Quality Team: Avoiding account closures

bing ads ad quality avoid account closureThe Bing Ads Quality and Risk teams constantly work to maintain and grow a safer network that provides a great user experience and advertiser return on investment (ROI). To accomplish these goals, the Bing Ads Quality and Risk teams do daily reviews of Bing network results -- as well as reviews of the keywords and ads submitted by advertisers -- for compliance with Bing Ads policies.

When we notice activity that poses a potential risk and warrants further evaluation, we may disable an advertiser’s account as a precaution. In some cases, this might be a temporary measure where we require more information from advertiser in order to clarify the issue we’ve identified. In other cases where there is a violation of our policies that pose a threat to the safety of our network, the account closure could be permanent.

With this post, we'd like to provide a glimpse at the machinery behind the scenes in the hopes of helping you to proactively ensure account compliance, rather than having to reactively resolve an issue.

What we're looking for

Bing Ads Policy non-compliance reasons include:

  • Sites that include viruses, malware, spyware, or other self-installing programs.
  • Business models that attempt to mislead site visitors, or that seem deceptive or fraudulent.
  • Sites that misrepresent the origin or intent of their content and as a result are likely to deceive a portion of the target audience.
  • Phishing sites that try to trick visitors into sharing personally identifiable information (PII), or where the use of such information could cause the user to be defrauded or sites that share download keys for Office, Windows and other software.
  • Pages that consist entirely of advertising, or whose main purpose is to direct site visitors to advertising.
  • Link farms.
  • Sites operated by advertisers who consistently violate our Editorial Policies.

o   Only advertisers promoting content in violation of high risk policies, e.g. Pharmaceutical or Gambling, are at risk for account closure.

  • Advertisers that submit large numbers of irrelevant keywords—even if their landing pages don’t violate the Relevance and Quality policy.

o   This behavior is categorized by pervasive use of completely irrelevant keywords (generally trending or popular keywords) where there is no related content available on the landing page.

Bing Ads may place restrictions on what ads are served, instead of closing an advertiser’s account.

Other ways your account can be impacted include:

  • Adding keyword blocks for non-compliant keywords (prevents any advertiser from bidding on particular keywords).
  • Adding advertiser blocks for particular keywords (blocks the advertiser from bidding on particular keywords).
  • Adjusting the quality score for the keywords.
  • Rejecting non-compliant keywords, ads, or landing pages.


In general, the criteria for an advertiser closure are drawn from the Marketplace Exclusion reasons found in the Relevance and Quality Guidelines.

As stated earlier, if your account is closed, you will not be able to login in to Bing Ads. Typically, login blocks will occur for one of the following reasons:

  • Suspicious activity or invalid information is detected.
  • Activity indicating that the advertiser’s login credentials have been compromised.


What you can do

  • Bid only on keywords that are relevant to your website content
  • Ensure your landing page has valuable and interesting content associated with the bidded keyword
  • Review the Bing Ads policies to ensure your business model is compliant prior to submitting. For example, if your business model is Gambling, ensure that it complies with the Bing Ads policies for the markets you are targeting.


Here are some steps that you can take to proactively prevent unnecessary risk or suspicion:

  • Ensure that your contact details (address, phone, country, etc.) are complete and accurate.
  • Ensure payment information is both accurate and current (e.g. an expired card will result in unsuccessful payment attempts).
  • Take steps to ensure your Account is secure.


If you are seeing a login issue, the most efficient way to trouble shoot it is to contact your Account Manager, or, if you don't have one, visit our support page and choose your preferred method of contact (options may vary by market).

We welcome any method of communication, however posting a request for assistance with log in issues on our forums or in social media channels will take the longest to resolve as our privacy policy prohibits us from collecting personal information in areas that are accessible to the general public. Your best bet is to address this particular support issue via speaking directly with an agent via phone or chat.

Hopefully this information will help you gain a better understanding of the account closure process and how to avoid your account being closed.

Thanks for reading!

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