Free Bing Ads training and professional accreditation

Have you ever started a new job and showed up eager to learn on your first day of training, only to realize that the person responsible for getting you up to speed consistently explained things at a level that was way beyond where you were then and there, as a brand new employee? Maybe you've been that tenured employee who had to provide the training and had a really difficult time getting a sense of how much knowledge and experience the new hire had so that you'd know where to start? 

This is a fairly common scenario, best summarized by "the curse of knowledge," from Wikipedia:

bing ads training accreditation

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of PPC campaign management, it would be a virtual "curse of knowledge" minefield for a seasoned veteran to show a rookie the ropes. From the basics of campaign components and structure to more advanced concepts relating to reporting and optimization, the more thorough the training, the better prepared any aspiring PPC marketer will be.

Not surprisingly, here at Bing Ads, we want you to be successful with driving a great return on investment with your campaigns. Whether you're a small business owner who's just dedicating a few hours each week to running a single PPC campaign targeting local patrons, or if you're an agency rep who's got a book of business worth millions of dollars, the better educated you are on how to set up, manage and optimize campaigns, the happier you and/or your clients will be.

For free training Bing Ads training and accreditation (the latter more relevant for advertising professionals), be sure to visit the Bing Ads Training Courses page. These online courses are designed to let you choose the topics you want to learn about and progress at your own pace; you can leave off and pick back up at your leisure:

bing ads training accreditation

While these courses can be used by anyone to get up to speed on Bing Ads, our accreditation program should be of particular interest to advertising industry professionals. Visit our Training Overview page to learn more about becoming certified as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional and the benefits of becoming a member of our Find a Pro Directory.

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Catching the early birds with insights from Bing Ads

When we first published our Back to School (BTS) insights back in April, we caught some flack on Twitter for addressing this particular topic before the kids were even out of school (we saw it coming, hence the intro of that blog post). Now, with August just around the corner, we're right in the middle of the peak period for online shoppers looking for BTS supplies. If you're among those BTS retailers who leveraged the tips we shared back in April to get your campaigns built, launched and optimized before that seasonal lift started, then you're probably seeing some pretty decent traction on your campaigns right about now.

If, on the other hand, you put off getting your BTS campaigns up and running until now, you'll still capture what remains of the traffic between now and when school starts, but you're jumping into the game right at the peak of competition, which means bid prices are at a premium. The earlier you're able to get your seasonal campaigns up and running, the better your chances are of logging some sales from the early birds, which can sometimes mean lower costs-per-click and therefore, better return on investment.

To that end, you might consider bookmarking our Industry Insights page and checking in on your primary vertical once you spot a seasonal opportunity approaching on the horizon. Because we want to help set you up for success, we typically publish actionable insights several weeks to several months in advance of when the anticipated traffic spike will occur in order to give you ample time to build and launch your campaigns.

bing ads insights

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ping us on Twitter.

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One Display URL Domain per Ad Group

Display URL plays a vital role in ad copy as it signals users on where they’ll get redirected after clicking. An example of display URL would be “” marked in green in below ad copy.


Typically, the purpose of an Ad Group is to bring together related ads and keywords under a common theme and therefore sharing the same display URL domain for all ads.

In our efforts to provide users with a high quality experience, we’ve decided to enforce an additional check for display URL’s belonging to an ad group. Therefore, beginning first week of August, we will allow only single display domain to be associated with an ad group. This amendment will be global and would apply to ad groups across countries and languages.


What display URLs will be allowed?

All URLs hosted in the same site including subdomains sharing the same domain will be allowed. An example for compliant and non-compliant set of display URL’s within an ad group will be:

Ad Group 1

Ad Group 2



All the URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 1’ are allowed because they share the same top-level or root domain of “”, even though the URLs are different. The URLs shown under ‘Ad Group 2’ are not allowed because they don’t have the same root domain.


How will I know if my ad groups are non-compliant?

Once the policy is rolled out starting August first week, we will start disapproving non-compliant ad groups and rejected ads will have following message listed in Bing Ads UI:


Similar messaging will be available in Bing Ads Editor.


Corrective action plan

While most of our advertisers today follow the practice of having one domain per ad group for display URLs, action will be required from those who do not. If any of your ad group contains multiple domains for display URL, align the ads into separate ad groups so that ads within an ad group contain same domain for display URLs to avoid any disruption caused by disapprovals.

Also, ensure that display URL and landing page URL also share the same top level domain and adhere to all Bing Ads editorial policies for display URL.


Can I request an exception?

While we do acknowledge that there might be scenarios requiring presence of different display domains to be associated with same ad group, we would not be able to provide an exception. This change is being implemented in our efforts to help you categorize your ad groups better.


Thanks for reading and, as always, we're happy to hear your thoughts on enhancements we can make to improve your Bing Ads experience. Stay connected with us through Feature Suggestion ForumTwitter, or Bing Ads Feedback.




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Bing Native Ads – Native ad experiences targeted to User Intent

Bing Ads has been offering advertisers the ability to reach users in search-powered environments providing the most relevant and actionable experiences matching commercial intent of users.

Today we are announcing the availability in beta of Bing Native Ads which expands the reach of Bing Ads platform to target user intent even outside search. The most powerful intent signals on the web include:

·         users’ interests expressed by their prior search queries

·         intent signals from the content of the experience in which the users are at any given point

·         user actions like looking for products or taking actions on advertiser sites

Bing Native Ads combine these strong intent signals with native experiences which are relevant and natural.


In addition to matching intent signals, Bing Native Ads offer the same advanced targeting or bid boosting capabilities available from Bing Ads including location, device type, time of day, day of week, and site remarketing.

Bing Native Ads is a native offering optimized for search advertisers. Therefore ease of use for search advertisers is a key aspect of the product design. Search advertisers focus their efforts on optimizing the relevance and ROI of their campaigns using search ad platform workflows, interfaces, and reporting. The management and controls for Bing Native Ads are fully integrated with standard Bing Ads workflows, and all the advertiser interfaces, reporting and conversion tracking available from Bing Ads platform are available for Bing Native Ads. This makes it very easy and effortless for search advertisers to take advantage of this native offering and expand their reach targeting user intent.

Bing Native Ads are designed to deliver good ROI for advertisers leveraging intent signals & algorithms, and also come with bid modifiers for advertisers to manage their participation in and ROI from native ads.

Bing Native Ads are initially launching in US market on MSN, a leading premium online portal with broad reach, high quality content and rich user intent signals. The user experience of Bing Native Ads is designed to naturally align with that of the placements in which they appear.



Bing Native Ads are now available in beta in US, and will be made broadly available to Bing Ads advertisers, and in additional markets later this year. For more information and updates, visit the Bing Native Ads page

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