Spring Cleaning Checklist: Get Rid of the Digital Dust Bunnies in Your Bing Ads Accounts

If you’re anything like me, you were glad to survive the holiday season, kick off the New Year, and are amazed that spring is just around the corner – which means it’s time for a digital spring cleaning of your Bing Ads accounts.

 1.    Dust off and organize your accounts

Fix things that are keeping you from serving ads – budgets, bids that are too low, negative keyword conflicts, and editorial disapprovals.

    • Budget. Ensure that all your campaigns have a delivery status of “eligible” on the Campaigns page. If a campaign runs out of budget, your ads won’t be shown. Review options for budget types.
    • Bids. Make sure your bids aren’t too low.  Keywords with a bid below $0.30 barely make it into the auction, meaning your ads may not show. Using bid suggestions or accessing real bid data in Bing Ads Intelligence can help you set more competitive bids.
    • Keywords. Add or refine negative keywords to help capture more qualified traffic.  Fix disapproved keywords.
    • Quality Score.  If your keywords have low Quality Scores, your ads are less likely to show. Improving your score could be as easy as adding the low-scoring keyword to your landing page copy.
      • Targeting. Review your targeting options to ensure you’re targeting the locations, days, time of week, ages, genders and other factors that best describe your ideal customer, especially if your business has modified its product or service offering or customer base.

 2.    Out with the old…

Identify and remove things that aren’t working well for your business’s advertising.

    • Lower bids on keywords that aren’t converting, or remove them if necessary.
    • Pause ads that have the lowest click-through rate and test revamped ad copy.

 3.    …and in with the new!  Leverage new Bing Ads features to drive optimal performance

If you’re not already using these new Bing Ads features that launched this past year, now’s the time to take a look at what’s available and identify which make the most sense for your business and advertising needs. Some of our suggestions:

    • Sitelink Extensions: surface results your customers are most interested in.  Sitelink extensions allows you to add additional links to your ads, so searchers can access the pages that interest them most — and your ad takes up more space on the search results page. You can enter up to 10 Sitelink extensions for each campaign, and up to six may be displayed.
    • Location Extensions: drive foot traffic into your store.  Location extensions are a must-have if you have a physical store.  They allow you to show both your address, a clickable link for directions, and a phone number to help your customers find your store – not just your website.   If you have multiple business locations, Bing Ads will display the address and phone number for the location closest to the searcher.
    • Show your phone number in your ad.  Use our Call Extensions feature to place your business phone number right inside your text ad.

You can also access this simple checklist we’ve created to help you keep your spring cleaning efforts in check, and for deeper insights on specific opportunities unique to the spring season, check out our deck on SlideShare:

We’re here to help

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