Bing Ads Now Includes Close Variants in Broad Match Modifier (US Only)

Broad match modifier is a feature which helps you narrow down your broad match, to ensure that you can better control the intent of the users seeing your ads, but still benefit from the additional volume that broad match offers. However, to date, you may have been missing out on keywords with the very intent you are looking for, which are misspelled, abbreviated or written using different grammar.

To ensure that you maximize impressions that are relevant to your modifiers, Bing Ads is launching close variants for broad match modifier. This means that your ad will now also show when the user types queries which contain minor grammatical variations of your modifiers, including plurals, abbreviations, acronyms, spacing, misspellings, accents, punctuation, and equivalent expressions.

The following examples show what’s changing:

We are confident that this feature will help to drive more highly qualified click volume to your campaigns. In testing, we have seen some promising results, with click-through rates increasing on average 3%* for ads using broad match modifier with close variants applied, at no impact to average cost-per-click.   

We are rolling out the feature initially in the US market, ramping in early September. Close variants for exact match for international Bing Ads markets is in testing stage, and we will notify customers who advertise in these markets as it becomes ready for launch.  

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*Internal Microsoft data, US, July 2014

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