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Engage with local customers. Claim, enrich and promote your services.Bing Ads helps you put your business in front of local customers with easy-to-use products and features. Whether you’re a small to medium business, or a national brand with a local presence, you’ll find solutions to target and grow your customer base.



Claim your business listing on Bing Places for Business to connect with local customers. Your listing would be included as part of local search results to millions of online searchers, who can learn more about your business before setting foot in your store.

 Listing and map showing in search results


Enriched business information — such as reviews, photos and store hours — drives higher online conversions. Bing Places for Business enables you to include rich information in your listing, and is easy to set up for both single- and multiple-location businesses. Get Started with Bing Places today or spend some time learning more.



Boost your online presence by actively promoting your business across Bing, Yahoo and partner sites. There are two options to help you do this: Bing Ads and Bing Ads Express. Compare them both side by side to choose which one is right for you.

Bing Ads

Best for advertisers who want to manage their own search campaign and can use all the tools Bing Ads offers to reach a regional or national audience.

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Bing Ads Express

A better option for businesses looking to advertise locally; you tell us about your business, then we create and manage your search campaign for you.

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Engage with local customers

Whether you use Bing Ads Express or Bing Ads, use Call Extensions to make it easy for local customers to call you, no matter what device they’re using—mobile or PC, online or offline. Smartphone users can tap the phone number in your ad to call you. Offline users will conveniently see your number to call via their landline or mobile device. And tablet or PC users can click your ad within the search results for a free Skype call in the browser window.

Location Extensions help drive more in-store traffic to your business and guide customers straight to your doorstep. They will see your address, phone number and a link to directions. Local information continues to be the primary information customers look for and clicking on directions provides them an easy way to get to your business. 


Take advantage of location targeting to ensure that your ad gets in front of the right customers, and makes the best use of your advertising dollars. For Bing Ads, learn more about Location Targeting availability. In Bing Ads Express, you can even target your ads very locally with Geo Radius targeting (up to and within 100 miles).



Connect more deeply with local consumers around you by promoting your deals on Bing Offers, where local shoppers discover, filter and search for deals closest to them. Make it even easier on customers with Bing Offers Card-Linked (Beta), which connects your “deal” to the customer’s credit or debit without the inconvenience of carrying a coupon, voucher or promo code on their mobile device. As a business owner, you don’t have to invest in new POS systems or staff training. Bing Offers will promote your brand and deals on websites, Microsoft devices and applications. This new feature has launched in Seattle, Washington, and will expand to other markets soon.


Bing Offers Card-Linked brings a number of benefits to advertisers, including broad reach, lower costs, better engagement, better control and easy redemption. Sign up for Bing Offers Card-Linked today.


When local customers are ready to buy, make sure they see your business first. Display your ads to local customers today.

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