Screenshot for Product AdsProduct Ads showcase your products in an engaging ad format by including images, promotional text, pricing and your company name. Serving Product Ads on the Yahoo Bing Network lets you reach 31 million retail searchers that don't use Google in the U.S.1


How Product Ads can help your business

Advertisers take advantage of Product Ads to reach customers, save time and boost efficiency. Here's how Product Ads can help you meet a variety of business goals.

I want my ads to grab a customer's attention   A Product Ad takes up more space on the search results page than a traditional text ad. Product Ads can also show simultaneously with your text ads, giving you even more
real estate.
Product Ads can save you time. Product Ads pull information from your product feed to generate your ad — like image, price and brand name.    I’m busy — I need to free up time so I can focus on my business. Efficiency and scalability are key.
 I need to be efficient — I’m already advertising with Google Product Listing Ads   If you are already running Google Product Listing Ads, it’s easy to import those campaigns into your Bing Ads account. Once set up, Product Ads are easy to manage and maintain.


Are Product Ads right for you?

We know your time is valuable, so here’s a quick checklist to help ensure the investment will be worth it for you.


  • I’m a retailer with e-commerce and secure check-out on my website.
  • I sell multiple products.
  • I can verify your domain ownership.
  • My billing address in Bing Ads is in the U.S.
  • I can devote time setting up for Product Ads.
  • See more below.*


Get started with Product Ads

If you’re new to Product Ads, you can learn the basics before getting started. When you’re ready, follow our step-by-step Product Ads eBook to launch your first ads.



* To use Product Ads, you must:

  • Offer retail products and have at least one SKU.
  • Be a non-adult advertiser.
  • Have a U.S. billing address in Bing Ads. (All advertisers with non-U.S. billing address will be manually reviewed, but you may be approved if you have a clear U.S. presence.)
  • Sell products online with a secure online checkout option. (Either internal or external.)


1. comScore Search Categories Report (custom), U.S., June 2013.

Bing Shopping Campaigns beta is currently available by invite only, and will launch in the U.S. this summer. Learn more from the Bing Shopping Campaigns overview.