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You invest in advertising to grow your business. You may want people to buy a product, call or visit your store, register for an event, or subscribe to a newsletter. These actions, called conversions, are simply what you want customers to do as a result of your ad and landing page. More conversions mean your advertising is working.

To increase conversions, follow these short- and long-term tactics. When your conversion rate goes up, your cost of obtaining each customer goes down and you get a better return on your advertising.

Inspire your customers to take action.

Quick fixes for more conversions

Get more out of your top campaigns: Put your focus on what’s working: Boost your budgets for campaigns that are getting the best results, and increase your bids on your top search terms.

Don’t let your budget slow you down: An accelerated budget aims to show your ad as many times as possible throughout the day for eligible searches. The default, standard budget, spreads your ads evenly throughout the day, leaving possible searches on the table. An accelerated budget may need to be higher to support increased PPC conversions, but it can be beneficial for top-performing campaigns.

Set goals, then track them: Keep your ad copy and ad extensions action-oriented. What are you asking your customers to do when they see your ad? Then set goals, like a target cost per lead or sale, and track conversions to measure your success.

Longer-term strategies for more conversions

Think like your customers: Review your website, ads and search terms. Are they relevant to what your customers need and the words they would use to describe your products or services? Use Bing Ads quality score to quickly find areas that need improvement.

Revise your campaign structure: Give yourself more control and room to experiment by creating smaller, more specialised campaigns and ad groups. Test new landing pages and ad copy, review your advertising conversions, and make changes based on the results.

Take another look at your keywords: Expand your keyword list and determine top terms and trends. Make sure you’re bidding on top keywords, but don’t neglect less-common keywords, which typically have a lower cost per click. Use Campaign Planner to conduct a search for current, relevant keywords.

Start growing customer conversions

Sign in to put these short- and long-term strategies into action and begin inspiring your customers to take action. Check out the resources below for help getting started. If you have questions or would like expert advice at no cost, set up an appointment with a Bing Ads consultant today.