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As a business owner or search engine marketer, you may have a limited budget and need to make the most of every dollar. One way to increase the reach of your campaign and get more value for your money is to lower your advertising cost. In search advertising, this is also called lowering your cost per click.

Here are some tactics for the short and long term that will help you lower your cost of online advertising. With better cost-efficiency, you can make your advertising dollar go further or keep more money in your pocket to reinvest back into your business.

Stretch your advertising dollars further.

Quick fixes for cost-effective advertising

Add negative keywords: Avoid searchers who aren’t a good fit for your business by regularly reviewing and updating your negative keywords. To find good negative keywords, run a search term performance report and see what irrelevant terms are triggering your ads.

Remove poorly performing search terms: Don’t waste money on search terms that aren’t getting results. Run keyword performance and geographic location reports to identify under-performers, then remove keywords that have the lowest clicks and click-through rates.

Focus on the “long tail”: Try finding less-common keywords that your customers are using. These tend to be longer keywords. Long tail keywords often have a lower cost per click. For example, a common term might be “Paris bakery” while a less common long tail keyword may be “gluten free bakery in Paris.”

Review your budget: To achieve cost-effective advertising in an online environment, you'll need to concentrate your efforts on your best campaigns. Check for budget alerts in Bing Ads online and accept budget suggestions on the Campaigns tab.

Longer-term strategies to lower costs

Revise your campaign structure: Divide your campaigns or ad groups into smaller groups so you can more precisely manage daily budgets. You can also segment campaigns by different networks and set budgets based on their performance.

Check your match-type strategy: Bid highest on the keyword match types that get you the best results, and consider focusing on exact and phrase match to narrow your target audience. Run a keyword performance report to find out which match types are driving the most relevant traffic to your site.

Improve your quality score: Your quality score measures the competitiveness of your keywords against other people bidding on them in the marketplace. The higher your score, the more efficiently you’re bidding on keywords and the lower your costs will be.

Track and measure: Set goals, like a target cost per lead or sale, and track conversions to measure your success. Revise campaigns that aren’t meeting goals, and optimise those that are.

Start lowering your online advertising costs

If you’re new to Bing Ads, you can get free help from a Bing Ads expert to assist with your first campaigns and incorporate these short- and long-term strategies along the way. If you’re an old pro, check out these additional resources, then sign in to start stretching your advertising dollars further.