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Running a small business presents unique challenges. Bing Ads customer support is here to help you create successful paid search campaigns. We offer both self-serve and hands-on support.

Small business advertisers get hands-on support and online tools for Bing Ads — for free!

Advice from Bing Ads experts

Don't know where to start with paid search advertising? Our 24/7 support centre is packed with powerful advice from Bing Ads experts designed to help you optimise your campaigns and increase revenue. Read our blog, watch an on-demand training video, or post a question to our help forum to explore how to make Bing Ads work better for your small business.

Free personal coaching

Work one-on-one with a live coach as you set up your account, import existing campaigns from Google Ads, and get familiar with the tools, events and resources that will help you successfully manage your Bing Ads campaigns. It's just one of the ways we provide support for small business owners like you. Get started with a Bing Ads coach today.

Manage on the go with the Bing Ads app

Manage your ad campaigns whenever and wherever you are. With the Bing Ads app for Android and iOS devices, you can view performance data, edit budgets and change bids —  all while you’re away from your desktop. And if you ever have any questions, Bing Ads customer support experts are just a touch away.

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