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Drive more customers to your products with engaging retail experiences through Bing Shopping Campaigns. Product Ads showcase products in impactful ways that can include custom images, pricing or your company name – putting searchers closer to making a purchasing decision even before they click.

Expand your reach on Bing and put the searcher closer to a purchase decision.

Why use Product Ads?

  • Stand out from the crowd...

    You can stand out from the crowd and attract attention by sharing images, product ratings and promotions of the products you’re selling.

  • More real estate

    Product Ads enable you to highlight more than one product on the same search results page and can appear next to your text ads.

  • Easy setup

    If you’re already running Google Shopping Campaigns, it’s easy to import them directly into your Bing Ads account.

Innovative retail experiences

Bing Shopping Campaigns have recently added a variety of innovative ad types and optimisations. Manage your campaigns with greater ease and create engaging retail experiences for your customers.