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By 2020, companies who effectively master AI will steal $1.2 trillion per year from those that don’t.


Artificial Intelligence is the future of marketing

Artificial Intelligence is making the impossible possible for marketers, like discovering latent patterns and opportunities from vast amounts of data.

Learn why AI and machine learning is becoming crucial to enhancing your campaign performance. Discover how Bing Ads is making it easy for marketers to take advantage of AI-infused tools and improve your ROI.

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How AI is now science fact, not fiction


Grow your business with the intelligence of Bing

Connect to the people who matter to you with the Bing Network’s large and unique audience, powerful ad platform and intelligent audience marketing capabilities.

Take your marketing to the next level with AI

Bing is leading some of the industry’s most important innovations in Artificial Intelligence, making personalised marketing a reality and helping you transform your marketing through the intelligence of Bing.