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March is all about product feeds!

Bing Ads has lined up great features to help you improve your business through enhanced feed management and optimization for Bing Shopping Campaigns. With the online inventory update feed, you can just send us price and availability updates as they happen. To give you much-needed flexibility in managing your feed updates, we’ve added scheduling to automatic feed downloads. Last but not least, you now have more insights to optimize your product titles like a pro using the new offer-level search term report.

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The ever-evolving role of the CMO

The explosion of data has made a lot of things possible. Brands now have greater visibility of their audience than ever before and are able to shape customer-centric models to suit their audience. Thanks to the inexorable rise of social media, we can now tie this information to browsing behaviors across multiple devices. Add to this the rapid ascendency of the Internet of Things (IoT), data volumes are set to grow further.

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