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The world is diverse, so why isn’t your advertising?

Imagine a world where all people are represented accurately from the start to the end of a project, idea or advertisement… It would be a very different world, indeed. Unfortunately, women are still represented in stereotypical and outdated roles, the LGBT community continues to struggle with prejudice and one billion people with disabilities remain unseen to the visible eye. So, isn’t it time to turn the diversity and inclusion conversation from an international discussion to include the advertising industry too?

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The Intersection of Creativity and AI at Ad Week Europe.

Live from #AWEurope - The Intersection of Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence be taught to become creative without guidance from humans? Will it ever truly understand art and beauty, or will it always just mimic the experts? These were some of the possibilities discussed at the Intersection of Creativity and Artificial Intelligence panel at Ad Week Europe. Award-winning creatives and some of the brightest minds in AI and marketing came together to offer their answers to these questions.

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Microsoft at Advertising Week Europe 2019.

Microsoft returns to Advertising Week Europe

Next week sees one of the most exciting fixtures in the European marketing calendar – the return of Advertising Week Europe. London is the epicentre of marketing and advertising in Europe. Many of the most established and the most inspiring, up and coming marketing brands have their headquarters in London, so we are delighted to once again be mixing with the great and the good of the industry at this flagship event.

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