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Call Extensions and Continued Enhancements Come to Bing Ads

We’ve been working hard to make Bing Ads even better for you, our customers. What this means are tangible enhancements that better enable you to connect with potential customers through the platform and through our global ecosystem of assets.

Last year, we introduced a limited Call Extensions beta on smartphones, which allows consumers to connect with businesses directly through phone calls via an ad served by Bing Ads on Smartphone devices. Over the last few months, participating advertisers have seen great results in the form of higher ad click-through rates, more phone calls, and better customer engagement.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Call Extensions across all devices via Skype – something no one else can provide. Advertisers can connect with customers through phone calls directly from their ads, regardless of device.

With Call Extensions for Bing Ads, businesses can now provide a phone number alongside search ads on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Your potential customers can then can call your business by clicking on the phone number that appears on the ads. These are opportunities exclusive to Bing Ads. In each of these scenarios, advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis.

How Call Extensions Work

Call analytics

Along with the new product, we will also have a rich set of aggregate reports to help you monitor performance at the campaign, ad group and extension level. These reports will deliver impressions, calls and spend data. You will also receive detailed reports for individual calls received from a Call Extension. Using these insights, you can associate appropriate values for these leads and take steps to further optimize your marketing spend.

Easy setup

You can get started with Call Extensions for Bing Ads using the updated web UI, Bing Ads Editor or the new Bing Ads APIs.  You can also import your Google AdWords campaign with call extensions directly into Bing Ads.

Call Extensions for Bing Ads is an unparalleled tool for connecting you with your potential customers with very little effort. We look forward to helping you leverage these insights to drive better results and higher return on investment (ROI), while making it easier for your customers to find you.

Video Tutorial: Save time with new Bing Ads Reporting Tools

Continued Bing Enhancements on Location

Additionally, on September 19th, we shared that we recently updated our Location Extensions product to include a “directions” link that, when engaged, directs Bing users to a map of the business’s location. Location Extension also has improved reporting that will show location extension-level performance details. Now, you will be able to promote up to two business locations in a single ad.

Enhancing local capabilities and unprecedented click-to-call across all devices through Skype is driven by the desire to continue to drive improvements that will help you improve your ROI with Bing Ads..

Stay tuned here to the Bing Ads blog for updates as they become available, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so you don’t miss anything important.  We look forward to your feedback as we continue to deliver value to your investment in Bing Ads.