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Illustration showing a Native Ad on a web page.

Want to increase the volume, reach and conversions of your paid search advertising? Bing Intent Ads is the only native advertising solution optimized for search advertisers, designed and built by a search platform. Whether you’re brand building or aiming to increase consumers’ purchase intent, Bing Intent Ads is an effective, scalable and rapidly growing solution.

Key features of Bing Intent Ads include:

Increased volume and conversions. With little additional setup, your ads can reach a much larger audience, increasing your chances for conversions.

Competitive ROI. With Bing Intent Ads you only pay for clicks, not impressions, and our strong consumer intent signals help send you high-quality customers. Together, these features help you get qualified customers and more conversions.

Familiar tools to control participation. Because you can use the bid modifiers you already use in Bing Ads, it's easy to choose your level of participation.

Strong ad relevance matched to consumer intent. We deliver your ads to a highly targeted, relevant audience using a variety of signals, such as search history, site remarketing and page content.

Why use Bing Intent Ads?

  • Higher click-through rate.
    Bing Intent Ads can yield a click-through rate that is five to seven times higher compared to the average click-through rate for display ads.

  • Easy performance tracking.
    View analytics and track campaign performance in a familiar format. You can easily find data for Bing Intent Ads in the same reports you currently use.

Effective ad formats in native placements

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Screenshots showing Native Ads on various web pages.   Screenshot of a Native Ad displayed within content.   Screenshot of a Native Ad displayed within content.