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Watch how to create a campaign with ease

Learn how to use our campaign creation workflow to reach your advertising goals. This video will help you set up and optimize your campaigns to get more foot traffic, increase online conversions and more.

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Bing Shopping Campaigns

Bing Shopping Campaigns

Make your retail ads pop with visual ads designed to draw consumers’ attention, and easily manage your Product Ads with Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Showcase your products

Universal Event Tracking

Universal Event Tracking

Use a single tag to retarget your search audience and track conversions.

Find out what shoppers are looking for

Review Extensions

Shared Budgets

Set one daily budget that can apply to all your campaigns, allowing you to distribute unused budget to campaigns that are performing well.

Bolster well-performing campaigns


Ready to create a campaign?

Set up a campaign in four easy steps. Choose a goal. Set up your ad groups. Create your ads. Choose your bid strategy and budget.