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Use device targeting to reach your best customers on any device. With device targeting, you control when, where and on what device your ads connect with customers based on what’s best for your business. Bid adjustments for each device type (PC, Tablet, Mobile) give you the control you need to effectively manage campaign performance and return on ad spend.

Target your best customers on any device.

Why use device targeting?

  • Flexible targeting options
    Combine device targeting with other options such as location, day of week, time of day, age and gender.

  • Cost control
    Adjust your bidding so budgets will go toward the best performing devices and ads.

  • Mobile preference
    Choose mobile device preference for ads and Sitelinks to deliver the best experience to mobile searchers.

Get started with device targeting

Learn more in our help content about how to target customers. Then sign in to Bing Ads to begin targeting your best customers by their device type.

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